Cheers! Should you invest in a home bar in 2019?

A home bar - that sounds like something only a high-rolling executive or a celebrity would have in their home. These days, though, a home bar is becoming a feature of more and more homes throughout the UK. Should you invest in one? Read on to find out more.

What is a home bar?

OK, let’s start off with the basics. A home bar doesn’t have to be a floor-to-ceiling mahogany unit with built-in fridges, a dozen bottles of wine and a full range of spirits. With a little imagination and some clever choices you can make a home bar on a trolley or a few shelves. So what sets this apart from a simple drinks cabinet? Well, generally speaking you’ll actually be able to make a full drink at the bar - this could be a simple whiskey and ginger ale, or a full-on cocktail. The idea is that, mid-conversation, you can make up a round of drinks for your guests without leaving the room.

Why buy a home bar?

You may not be a big drinker. You may not even be a big entertainer. In fact, that’s almost beside the point. A home bar is a great addition to any home because it looks great. It’s an excuse to decorate your home with all the beautiful bottles that liquor-makers use to sell their products. Check out these 20 inspired gin bottle designs for an idea of what you can use to add a little extra ambience to your home. Imagine it - it’s late in the evening,the music is low and smooth, and gentle light filters around these beautiful bottles. That’s a great image, and it really isn’t that hard to put together.

Home Bar


Which home bar should I buy?

This really depends on what you’re trying to achieve, and how much effort you’re willing to go to. A simple bar cart is easy to find, and can add immediate class to any room. Here’s a great example from Atkin & Thyme that showcases a classic look:

Home Bar on a trolley


On the other hand, you might opt for a more built-in bar. Check out this beautiful teal velvet bar from Eichholtz Bolton; this is a real statement, and provides a brilliant accent in any room. Just be careful not to clash with it . . .

Velvet Bar


Of course, if you want to make a statement, you can go even further. Take a look at this scooter that’s been turned into a handy dry bar. You’d hardly need to keep it stocked; it’s a talking point all of its own. Available from Maison du Monde for just over £800, this could be a fantastically bold centrepiece for your living room:

Scooter Bar


Or, you could go all-in completely and invest in an all-wood pub bar. If you’ve got a big man-cave and want to make a statement, this could be the perfect unit. It’s not subtle and it’s not understated, but this unit certainly won’t go unnoticed:

Wooden Bar


So, whether you’re a part-time entertainer or a cocktail fanatic, a home bar could well be a perfect addition to your home. Maybe this could be the missing link to make your living feel that little bit more classy?

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