Could de-cluttering your home also help fund your summer holiday?

Clear The Clutter And Cash In This Summer

Now that Spring is well underway, many of us feel the urge to declutter and spring clean, ready for the summer months.  Not only is decluttering a breath of fresh air for your home, it can also help to pay for that long-awaited summer holiday.  Amongst the outdated takeaway menus and random buttons, many of us are sitting on a treasure trove of items that can be sold to help fund that week of sun, sea and sand.  We’ve put together our guide to the things most of us have lurking in our drawers and cupboards and, where they can be sold.

One man’s rubbish…..

Car boot sales are a great way of getting rid of your unwanted items and make a little cash and, as a bonus, you may also end up making some new friends!  Clothes, CDs, DVDs, toys and just about anything you can think of can be sold this way - all you need is a car and a couple of quid for the entrance fee.  Check out your local paper and Facebook groups for car boot sales happening in your area and start decluttering - but be warned; you’ll need to be prepared for professional hagglers!

Swapping CDs for sombreros

Although many of us are now using streaming sites for our music and films, a surprising number of people still prefer CDs and DVDs.  Although these can be sold on auction sites such as eBay, you won’t get much more than pennies for them.  Try specialist sites such as Music Magpie - the site is super easy to use and, they’ll even collect your CDs and DVDs from you.

Good call

Chances are that you’ve got at least one old mobile phone stuffed in the back of a drawer that you’ve kept hold of ‘just in case’.  There are now some great specialist sites such as Gazelle and Bobrez will buy your unwanted phones, laptops and tablets at a better price than the usual auction sites.  You won’t of course, get anywhere close to what you paid but, every little helps!

By the book

If your home has started to resemble a library, don’t worry; you can sell used hardback and paperback books on Amazon and eBay.  Although you won’t get a huge amount for them, it’ll get them off your hands and put a few pounds in the kitty.

Buggies and big stuff

Although smaller, less expensive items do sell on eBay, sellers tend to have the most success on the site with larger items such as prams, pushchairs, decorating materials and homewares.  Before listing your item, check out similar ones on the site to see how they’re priced in order to make sure that you stay competitive.

Selling is child’s play

For toys, children’s clothes and baby items, your best bet is a Facebook selling group for your local area.  Do a search for your town and the surrounding areas and then upload photographs of your items with the price required.  The advantage to these groups is that, as they’re local, the buyer will generally collect from you - just be on the lookout for time wasters!

Big brands

If you have a wardrobe full of unwanted designer or expensive clothing, you can sell these on eBay or Facebook groups but, for the best price, you’re better off using a specialist site such as Hardly Ever Worn It.  The site is easy to use and will help you to get a fair price for more expensive items of clothing - just resist the urge to shop while you’re there!

Selling online is a great way of making some extra cash to fund your travels - for the best results, use clear, attractive photographs and check out the best keywords to use to maximise your success.

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