Is sleek modern design really practical for a family home?

Cutting-edge design may seem like it’s suitable only for the pages of a glossy magazine, but is there a way to incorporate sleek modern design elements into your family home? As with all interior design projects, it’s all about making clever choices. Maybe you can’t make a home that’s both ultra-minimalist and suitable for your 4 year old, but it’s certainly possible to incorporate some modern design ideas. Here’s what you can do to make your family home a little bit sleeker and more modern.

A House To Live In

OK, look through the pages of any design magazine and you’ll see amazing, spacious homes with stunning modern aesthetics. Look closer, though. Do you see any discarded toys? Any school notes on the fridge? How about homework books? The reason these homes look so stunningly modern is that there’s no sign of actual inhabitation. Let’s face facts; if you have a family, your home is not going to look like that (unless you’re willing to spend hours every day tidying it up). So, can you make your home look modern and sleek, even if it’s cluttered?

Making Your Statement

Our first task is to create a centrepoint in each room. This will be different wherever you are; it might be an interesting light fixture in the kitchen, or a large modern painting in the living room. No matter what, you need to choose something that is low-maintenance. You don’t want something that needs to be constantly adjusted or tidied in order to look good.

Modern Living Room


Intentional Disruption

We’ve made a great start. Now it’s time to enhance the central feature with design that supports it. Keep in mind that the rest of this design shouldn’t rely on staying clean and uncluttered in order to look good. That means choosing neutral colours and breaking up straight lines. You should aim to avoid creating a sense of regimented order and space, because as soon as this is broken with the clutter of everyday life it’ll look disjointed. Instead, aim to intentionally disrupt the sense of order in each room, so that when clutter inevitably comes it can be accepted into the room’s aesthetic.

Floor Plants


  • Use several tall potted plants to break up areas of white space. Use fake ones to make life easy - no soil to spill, no dead leaves, and no watering necessary.
  • Use paint to your advantage. Leave most walls off-white, but pick a feature wall and hit it with a blast of colour; eggshell blue, or a deep maroon.
  • Lighting is perfect. A couple of feature lamps can be a great way to break up a room’s design without adding extra clutter.

Every room will be different, but with these guiding concepts you should be able to create a home that’s both functional and sleek. Remember, you’re creating somewhere that will feel modern even when it’s been lived in, so draw inspiration from design magazines but don’t expect your home to look exactly the same.

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