House & Home Gifts perfect for Fathers Day

16th of June isn’t far away. Here are a few of our top suggestions for what your dad would appreciate this Father’s Day. From the practical to the personal, these gifts are a great way to show your old man how much you appreciate him. Take a look at our house and home gifts for Father’s Day.

Gifts For The Chef

Does your dad like to spend time in the kitchen? Maybe they make a mean curry, or they’ll fire up the barbecue as soon as the sun starts shining. Kitchen gifts can be a great way to give a heartfelt yet practical gift. How about a Japanese gyuto knife, engraved with your father’s initials? These ultra high-quality blades really are a cut above the rest, and will be a lasting reminder of your affection. How about a subscription to a weekly curry kit delivery? If you’ve ever tried cooking a new curry at home, you’ll know how hard it can be to source all the different spices. With them delivered straight to your door in pre-measured pouches with a step-by-step recipe, it becomes that much easier for your father to indulge his culinary instincts.

Father’s Day Presents For The Handyman

Many dads like to get their hands dirty around the house. Your father may be an expert at putting up shelves and sealing tiles (or perhaps their enthusiasm outstrips their abilities), but they’ll be sure to appreciate a personalised leather toolbelt. Perhaps they’ve always showed an interest in DIY, and like the idea of fending for themselves. In that case, the ”Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency” is a great gift idea. Packed full of ways to build and care for the things you need, this book will provide any father with in-depth guides and instructions on improving their lifestyle.

Presents For Drinkers

Does your dad enjoy a pint down the pub, or a glass of wine with dinner? If so, there are plenty of great gifts to choose from this Father’s Day. How about an engraved pint glass, or a personalised tankard? These will be a long-lasting reminder of your appreciation, and will go down all the better if paired with a crate of his favourite drink. For the father who loves real ale, a subscription to a regular beer delivery service might be just the ticket. Take a look at the options offered by Beer Hawk, who are even offering a Father’s Day special beer box.

Finding Time For Your Dad

What would most fathers like most? The chance to spend some time with those they love the most. This Father’s Day, what most dads really want is face time with their kids. Why not take the time to deliver your gift in person, or call on the day to see how they’re getting on?

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