Can neutrals get boring as a design choice?

Neutrals have been a big hit in interiors in recent years. The simplicity and minimalism of this trend offer you the chance to experiment with styles including the addition of pops of colour. Neutral palettes are often favoured as they provide a clean and fresh look to your space. Plus, they add understated luxe vibes. However, in some cases, your living spaces can start to look a little lifeless over time.

To avoid this in your home. Check out some of the ways to make neutrals a focal point in your property and refresh the space.

Add texture

Neutral colours can look flat. However, there is an effortless way to make them stand out more. That's by adding texture! This doesn't mean you need to go out and buy loads of cosy throws or silky cushions. You can add texture to your walls and ceilings. Texture isn't all about how something feels; it's about how it looks too. So using materials such as wood will create a subtle style with maximum impact. Adding texture works well as a focal point in a room too. You could also try decorating a feature wall to create some additional depth in the space.

Adding colour to the mix

If you love neutral colours, you're probably not looking to add vibrant shades to the mix. However, there are several ways to incorporate pops of muted tones to add visual interest to your living areas. Using shades such as navy, tan, grey and burnt orange is the perfect way to include colour without overwhelming the space. It doesn't have to be included on large surfaces either, as creating snippets or focal features really makes a room stand out.

Let nature in

An easy way to create interest in neutral interiors is to add a touch of greenery. Houseplants have proved another big hit over the past few years, and it's not hard to see why. They offer a fresh and vibrant vibe throughout your home without overpowering the space. Plus, you can choose larger focal houseplants, smaller features or hanging foliage to create interest. Not only do they offer an affordable and easy way to decorate your home. They are proven to help clean the air around you, which creates a healthier space for your whole family.

Experiment with metal décor

Metal touches have also been in favour over past few seasons, but you can fall foul to opting for the latest looks that go out of fashion quickly. Neutral colours work well with metal décor, but it's vital not to overdo it; otherwise, it all might look too shiny. Copper and gold tones can work beautifully with warmer, muted tones but stick to smaller accessories such as lighting, fixtures and door handles to complement the space. For cooler décor, traditional metals in silver and grey shades create a subtle style that offers a timeless feel.

Neutrals are a great way to keep the foundations of your interior design simple, while you're free to mix it up with additional details. This décor trend isn't set to go anywhere fast, so why not experiment with the above tips and see if you can create a space unique to you. 

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