Do people get hooked on one colour when designing a room?

When you’re designing and styling a room, choosing colours for the space is one of your first priorities. This itself can be a challenging decision because you don’t want all of your rooms to look identical. However, creating themes can help bring everything together beautifully.

If you have a favourite colour and want to incorporate it, it can be easy to get caught up in making everything too matchy-matchy. This was a popular trend back in the eighties, but in modern interiors, it can look too overwhelming in the space.

That’s not to say, sticking to a focal colour in your interiors won’t work at all. It’s just a matter of looking at how you style it while incorporating other elements to break up the overall theme.

So if you’re looking to decorate your home with your favourite shades but don’t want to fall foul to those matchy-matchy vibes. Take a look at how to style the space without overpowering it.

Add patterns

When we match colours to interiors and furniture, it can be easy to just think about block tones. However, adding some print into the space, which features a hint of your chosen palette, can bring it all together perfectly. Adding patterns and prints should be considered carefully because they can often go out of fashion quite quickly. By choosing classic options and using them to complement the room rather than consume it will give you depth and interest without looking samey.

Think about size and scale

If you are using a lot of the same colour in your interiors, it can often make rooms feel a little claustrophobic. To avoid this, it’s essential to think about room sizing and scale. In larger spaces, matching schemes could work well for a dramatic effect. However, on a smaller scale, using subtle touches and transitional shades rather than colour blocking adds more depth to a room. 

Use different shades of the same colour

If you want to stick to one colour as the focal point, why not add some variations to the mix without straying too far from the original shade. For example, if you have a neutral décor palette, you could choose either warm or cool tones such as greys, oranges and taupe to complement it. Don’t forget about furniture and accessories too! As these can all fit your themes without repeating the overall colour. 

Add texture

A great way to break up matchy-matchy vibes is to incorporate texture into your room. Think about using natural materials such as wood to tie into your focal colours. Or perhaps choose furniture a little different from the norm such as suede or velvet to add depth. Steel and copper décor are also a popular choice for kitchens, as this can add balance to your overall theme.

If you find yourself getting hooked on one particular colour, why not create a moodboard to see how others shades could work in the mix. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest to inspire you. Plus, if you’re still unsure, why not stick to a neutral palette and add touches of colour to see how they work in the space before you take the leap.

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