Smart Technology In The Bedroom

Clever technology can help out anywhere in your house, and the bedroom is no exception. From better sleep to improved security, there are many ways for you to improve your bedroom with smart modern technology. Here’s our list of a few of our favourite smart bedroom technologies.

Self-Making, Heating & Cooling Beds

The new Smartduvet, a revolutionary take on sleeping technology, promises to make getting comfortable easier than ever before. An under bed pump circulates air through the duvet constantly, keeping it as cool or as warm as you want it. You can even set different temperatures for either side of the bed, so if your partner sleeps cool while you sleep warm, you can both be happy. In the morning, the duvet will make itself by filling up with air, then deflating.

An Easier Way To Wake Up

When we sleep, we enter periods of lighter and deeper unconsciousness. If your alarm goes off when you’re in light sleep, you’ll rise into the morning quickly and easily. If you’re in deep sleep, though, you’ll find it a real wrench to wake up. Smart alarm systems specifically target lighter periods of sleep so that when they go off, you wake up smoothly and easily. Sleep Cycle, a clever app for iOS and Android devices, analyses your sleep patterns throughout the night. When it detects you’re in a light and easy-to-wake state, the alarm goes off.

There have been several other attempts at creating similar technologies; FitBit, Withings and Jawbone have all made (and then stopped making) similar devices. However, there are apps available to make REM-sleep alarms possible for these devices.

The Smarted Mattress Around

If you’re looking for the very best in smart sleeping technology, then the ReST Smart Bed is an excellent choice. This features many of the other technologies we’ve seen, such as sleep analysis, but also offers total control over your sleeping position. 5 air chambers underneath the mattress can adjust themselves automatically to your body’s position. This means you’ll always get the perfect level of support exactly where you need it. The ReST Smart Bed proudly claims to offer plenty of medical benefits, particularly for athletes who need to recover quickly and keep their bodies in top condition.

Improve Your Bedroom

Sleep is perhaps the most underappreciated aspect of our health. Too little sleep makes you stressed, unhealthy and makes it more difficult for you to appreciate your life. Investing in smart bedroom tech that helps you sleep better is definitely money well spent.