Furnishing Your Home on a Budget

For many, purchasing a property is a big milestone in life. It’s an exciting time to finally have your own space and even better giving it your own personal touch. The beauty is, no one's opinion matters and you have free roam to furnish as you please. The problem is, expense usually gets in the way. It can cost £5,632 to kit out a new apartment with furniture but here’s how we can help you do it cheaper.


Let’s keep it really cheap. Upcycling is turning unwanted materials and products into newer better quality products. This requires creativity if you have any to spare after working out the new look of your new home. You’re unlikely to upcycle all your furniture because you’ll have to pay for comfort somewhere down the line.

Time to get Thrifty

The Red Cross, Oxfam, British Heart Foundation, and Sue Ryder are all second hand stores that can offer great deals on furniture. If you’re willing to travel around and search for the best deals these charities sell high quality products at a much cheaper rate.


It’s 2020 and there’s an application for everything including kitting out your house! The popular ones include Gumtree and Facebook marketplace which locate items in your area and can be picked up or delivered. This is by far the most popular way to furnish your home because of the ease, choice, and cost.

Online Freecycle

The internet is our greatest tool nowadays. If you are willing to bypass the sampling and touching in person then why not use it! Even buying new, well known sites like Amazon can often be cheaper than in store. One site that can’t be beaten on price is Freecycle. Much like Gumtree, you can browse items in your area but the catch is that it is free. 

If these options don’t work you could always go back to basics. It can be difficult for people to get rid of furniture so a great way to find cheap furniture is to ask family and friends. If you’re willing to do the moving of the furniture people are usually happy to get it off their hands for free. However you want to leave your mark on your new place, remember you don’t have to pay high street prices to do it.