How To: Maximise Small Kitchen Spaces

Need some clever ways to squeeze more space out of your kitchen? We’re all over it! 

 If you’re running low on kitchen space you’re certainly not alone. Tiny houses and micro apartments are becoming a niche trend in the housing market and for many of us in the city a spacious home isn’t attainable …But that doesn’t mean we have to feel restricted. The kitchen is the heart of the home after all. It’s where we cook, eat and socialise with friends and family and although we all wish we had tons of space, high ceilings and natural light flooding in through huge windows, by using the space cleverly and implementing a few simple additions it can still be a relaxing and functional space. So, if you’re ready for some great kitchen-space-saving hacks, here goes...

Magnetic Knife Strips: Endless Opportunities

Neat huh? Keep your best knives and tools in reach and utilise space on the wall that would otherwise go to waste! Not only are magnetic knife strips a clever storage solution, they are also much more hygienic than traditional wooden blocks or cutlery drawers which are unfortunately a real breeding ground for bacteria and germs. They can store more than just knives too. Try using them for food processor blades, metal pot lids, large metals spoons and your microplane. You can put the metal strip on the underside of a cabinet and use it to hang spice jars - the possibilities are endless. 

Introduce a Foldable Table to your Kitchen

Creative, practical, perfect! Wall mounted or not, modern tables that can be folded, slided, rotated and extended give you extra work and dining space where it matters most.  Many foldable tables are often made of a lighter material for straightforward portability so it’s worth checking this out. They are also multi-purpose in nature and can be adapted to any area of your home! 

Save some serious Cupboard space with a Hanging Pan Rack

We love this look! You can choose your most aesthetically pleasing pots and pans and put them on display to save some serious cupboard space. They will be super accessible and can even dry here after you’ve done the washing up. 

Don’t forget the inside of your Cupboards

Look at all that space! This is probably the most underused storage space in the kitchen but if you affix a hook or a rack to the inside of the cabinet door, it’s a handy place to hang your tea towels or small utensils. You can take the door idea one step further and purchase an over the door storage system for the entrance door to hold other smaller items.

Get a Cutting Board that fits over the Sink

Counterspace is a premium and running out of it whilst cooking is a nightmare! A chopping board that fits above the sink like this maximises your space by making it multi-functional. 

Finally, did you know that if you choose one or two predominant colours for your kitchen the space will actually feel bigger than it is?  Lighter hues give off an airy feel whilst walls that are dark and bold will make it feel crowded. Perhaps you like the cosy vibe, but if your space is small, clever colour use is an easy way of creating a kitchen that feels spacious. Good luck maximising your kitchen space!