A Thorough Spring Clean

The snowdrops are out, and the birds are once again waking you before your alarm clock. The days of hibernating inside are coming to an end - which means the time to clear out and clean up is here again!

Why Spring Clean?

With our windows closed and our heating on full, the air in our homes becomes stale. It’s the perfect environment for hazardous moulds to establish themselves too. According to Allergy UK there are many things inside the home that can cause asthma and allergic rhinitis, so it’s good for your overall health to have a really thorough clean at least once a year (probably more, but let’s be realistic). Spring is the ideal time to get rid of the Christmas chocolate tins, the clothes that no longer fit and everything else cluttering up your home.

One room at a time.

Many are overcome with the amount of work a deep clean can cause, and often end distracted by work needed in another room. By dealing with each room individually you will be able to see your progress sooner. It also means you don’t need to tackle the entire house on one day. By breaking the task up into rooms you can do a room a day - and believe me it is much easier to get enthusiastic about cleaning a single room!

Make yourself a checklist

It’s easy to forget important cleaning tasks, and easier still to just ‘let a few go’ when you get tired of cleaning. Combat this by making a detailed checklist of all the jobs you need to do. For example, my list for cleaning the dining room:

  1. Open all of the windows.
  2. Wash the curtains, blinds or shades.
  3. Clean the table and chairs (this can be a big job if you have children...)
  4. Polish the table top.
  5. Wipe down or dust the sideboard and any other furniture.
  6. Vacuum or steam the chair cushions, if applicable.
  7. Dust any china, serving dishes or knick-knacks on display.
  8. Launder the tablecloth and any other linens.
  9. Polish the silverware.
  10. Dust any paintings or wall art.
  11. Wash the windows and sills.
  12. Wash the switch plates (again, kids!)
  13. Wash the walls and trim, even if just with a damp rag.
  14. Wash the doors and the door knobs, using an antibacterial kitchen surface cleanser.
  15. Wash the radiators or other heating equipment.
  16. Clean the floors last, as dirt naturally falls down.

However, if making a detailed list sounds even less fun than cleaning the house, you can find a printable checklist for the entire house here. Just cross out the tasks that don’t apply.

Ten Minute Dash

It’s easier to stay on top of a clean house, so once you’ve climbed that mountain don’t just slide back down it. Spend ten minutes a day clearing clutter from surfaces, mopping up spills and cleaning ring marks as they happen. The future you will thank you for it.