Can You Use Pinterest for Interior Inspiration?

Pinterest is an incredibly popular website for finding inspiration on personal style, cooking and home interiors. If you’ve never used Pinterest before, the concept is simple; it’s a website where users can share images with others and ‘pin’ their favourite images to their own profile page. So, how can you use this site to gain interior inspiration? Our top tips and tricks show you how.

Getting started

Once you’ve signed up for a Pinterest account on the official website, you can start to create online boards where you’ll pin your favourite images. Each board can be tailored to a different theme, so you could have a board for each room in a house.

What makes it so great?

While Pinterest is an image only website, you can click on each pin to be taken to the site that the image originally came from. So, if you found an image featuring home inspiration and wanted to know more information about the visual, clicking on the image would allow you to do that.

Pinning images from a website

Downloading the Pinterest toolbar allows you to pin images from websites that you visit. For instance, you could create a wish list board with items that you are interested in purchasing for your home.
Finding users with similar interests
Millions of images on interiors are available to browse on Pinterest. If you want to discover users with similar interests, you can search the home décor category to find them. You can also use the search bar facility to browse for specific items. You may find your favourite sites have official Pinterest accounts, which is great for finding inspiration on interiors. Don’t forget you can follow Ezylet here.

Extra tips!

Search using the correct words

The search function can be fantastic for discovering new ideas and inspiration. However, using specific wording will generate better results. For example, if you wanted to search for interiors, use something less general, such as bedroom décor to find images tailored to what you are looking for.

Search for DIY ideas

Pinterest has thousands of images relating to interior projects and there are a multitude of ideas of DIY or upcycling. Pinterest can generate many ideas on easy and affordable home projects for you to attempt. As images contain the source information, you’ll find many guides, such as how to use fairy lights, affordable ways to decorate your home and easy upgrades, as well as advice on how to decorate rented accommodation and lots of other informative content.

Look out for larger projects

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for extensive projects like construction, architecture and design plans. You can use these to influence your ideas, or you could even copy them by showing them to a designer or architect. Remember, lots of builders and planners have Pinterest accounts, so you’ll find plenty of inspiration.