10 Budget DIY Projects for Your Home and Garden

If you’re the creative type, or just fancy getting your hands dirty, DIY projects are a great way to transform certain areas of your home and garden.

If you’re on a budget, they’re particularly helpful in updating your interiors or exteriors or incorporating a specific trend into your home. There are many incredible DIY projects that are ideal for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money and here are our top 10 suggestions for your home and garden.

1. Pastel paints

Using paints are a fantastic way of updating your homewares. If you have an old dining set or kitchen cupboards that need an upgrade, simply sand down the wood and add a lick of paint. Pastel paints are particularly on trend for spring and summer and can give your interiors a breath of fresh air with their soft and dreamy shades.

2. Floating shelves

Need some new shelf space? This DIY project has you covered! Simply purchase a few pieces of wood and brackets, drill a couple of holes and make sure you have some screws at hand. You can varnish or paint the wood to suit your interiors!

3. Easy mason jars

Mason jars are the quickest and easiest way of creating your own homewares. Simply use a few mason jars, spray paint them in metallic gold or copper and use as vases, storage or as decorative accessories.

4. Tea cups

Are you searching for some cute plant holders? Why not try using tea cups and saucers instead! This super easy idea looks beautiful, and if you don’t own any teacups, check out your local charity shop or pound shop for cheap cups.

5. Marble storage box

If you need some simple, yet effective storage then try this quick tip. Use any old shoe boxes and decorate them with sticky backed marble paper – you can normally find these in craft or DIY stores. You’ll then have an on trend marble storage box you can use to store bills and other day to day items.

6. Washi tape coasters

For pretty coasters, try using small pieces of wood or cork and decorate them with different coloured washi tapes. You can use any design that you like! Be creative!

7. Wall prints

For wall prints on a budget, use adverts or images from magazines and place them into frames. You’ll find affordable frames in many high street stores and this budget DIY project is ideal for decorating your walls.

8. Tin cutlery holder

If you need somewhere to hold your kitchen utensils then take a few tin cans and paint them in a bright colour. Leave them to dry and you can use them to store all your small kitchen equipment.

9. Gold sharpies

Gold sharpie pens are a great tool for updating old vases or accessories. Simply draw onto your mugs or vases with the pen, bake in the oven for half an hour to set and leave to cool. You’ll then have some amazing accessories for your home.

10. Magazine file storage

For extra kitchen storage, glue a magazine file to the inside of your kitchen cupboard doors. You can store carrier bags, baking foil or sandwich bags in here to keep them out of sight and your kitchen tidy.

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