10 home design trends to embrace in 2017

The end of 2016 saw the influx of ‘hygge’ – the Danish principles of living that can be defined as creating a “pleasant, warm atmosphere” in your home – as well as indoor-outdoor living, however, a new year brings with it a plethora of inviting home design trends to try your hand at.

Choose matte rather than gloss

Sparkling granite once dominated most kitchens but 2017 sees us swinging in another direction. Instead of shiny, distracting accents, homeowners are taking modern to the next level, ditching anything that glitters and choosing matte details instead. What was once the room to truly show off the latest fittings and tech is now a subtle blend of soft details. If you're looking to makeover your kitchen in 2017, choose a cosy matte finish on your cupboards, taps, and even appliances.

Add marble to your home

A favourite material of those seeking a matte-finish kitchen with texture is marble, ideally with a milky finish or in soft grey tones. Marble is also kicking up a storm in the bathroom where hexagonal tiles make eye-catching backdrops for a wet room or shower.

Velvet is back

Whether you call it Victoriana or Asian infusion, glittering velvet in striking royal tones such as emerald blue or green, deep purple and romantic red are back as a soft furnishing favourite for 2017. From pillows and curtains, to bed throws and blankets, it's time to get your velvet on.

Add colour with subway tiles

A tiling trend that never seems to go away: subway tiles. Infuse your home with urban accents, adding subway tiles as a splash back behind your kitchen or bathroom sink, or your bath. To add a splash of colour to your home, choose subway tiles in vibrant blue, green, or red tones.

Talk to your kitchen, much?

Home tech is on the up and after the rise of tech that talks such as the Amazon Echo Dot – a voice-controlled device for the home similar to Apple’s Siri – last year, more of us are demanding useful home companions that we can talk to, keep our diary, and recall that actress that was in that movie one time. Whichever it is, watch out for more chattering home tech in 2017.

Pantone's Colour of the Year: Greenery

As if you hadn't already heard, greenery – a striking, grassy shade of green – is Pantone's Colour of the Year 2017, which means you need to add it to your home pronto. Subway tiles are a brilliant way to incorporate greenery into your home, however, eye-catching soft furnishings are also a good choice.


We can't believe it, either. Patchworking, once a past-time, is back. Homeowners, young and old, are demanding visually striking medleys of floral and geometric pattern in amongst their minimal ‘hygge’ furnishings, which means it might be time to get your nan’s patchwork blanket out the cupboard.

Seamless storage

As homeowners and letters, we're always looking to reduce the amount of clutter in our home – or at least the amount of clutter people can see. Seamless storage solutions such as wall-length cupboards that sink into your walls in the kitchen help you to hide away plates, cups, and cooking utensils effortlessly, giving the impression that you're a true minimalist.

Locally crafted furniture

2016 and the years that preceded it was all about DIY and making your own quirky coffee tables from empty crates or antique chests, however, it seems that the DIY trend is on its way out as artisan furniture, ideally from a local crafter, makes its way back into our homes.

Simple, white ceramics

Hygge is still going strong and subtle, milky white ceramics are part of that trend. Pair simple, narrow-topped white ceramic vases with vibrant greenery for a 2017 home design trend sensation.