10 ways to make your home more luxurious on a budget

We all want a more luxurious home, but most of us have consigned ourselves to living, more or less within our means. However, there are a few things you can do around the home that won’t break the bank, but added together look like they might have.

  1. Minimalism is your friend. Not only is it a very ‘in’ look right now, cutting down on the amount of furniture in a room can allow you to spend a bit more on the pieces you do include. No one said inexpensive luxury has to be ‘fake’.
  2. Consider adding crown mouldings, or replacing those you already have. This is actually a simple job that can add substantially to both the real and perceived value of your home, but could cost less than a night out in materials.
  3. Metallic accessories are ‘in’ at the moment. Adding a few stylish yet functional bits of flash such as a statement mirror, a clock or other decorative elements can brighten up a room substantially.
  4. Moving on to the kitchen, why not update (or create) your backsplash? Tiles are both attractive and practical, and though you probably want to have them done professionally, it won’t cost the moon.
  5. Explore fabrics for an easy (but inexpensive) sense of luxury. Many high-end hotels use the same trick – fabric wall coverings, thick, soft bathroom towels and curtains contribute far more than they cost.
  6. Next, look to your lighting situation. Something like a pendant chandelier over the dinner table, a few floor lamps and even good old fashioned candles can increase the luxury feel of a room for relatively little outlay. For extra effect, install a remote control dimmer (or remotely controlled LED light bulbs) for a simple and inexpensive mood effect.
  7. Turn your telly into art by mounting it on the wall, and framing it. Not only will it downplay the biggest piece of tech most of us have in our living rooms, it is perfectly suited to the more ‘minimalist’ styling which screams ‘high end interior design’ right now.
  8. While you’re at it, frame some actual art. Mix up some larger family photographs with a few art pieces, in matching frames, and create a ‘statement wall’ that is uniquely your own.
  9. Add a splash of colour. A well-thought-out example colour here and there can add to the sense of luxury you’ve already created without distracting from it. Constructing a room with a neutral palette and then adding furniture and accessories of sharply contrasting colours can create a very sophisticated look for less than you might think.
  10.  Last but not least, add a single, small piece of sculpture. Something elegant and eye-catching, but not busy or overpowering. Perfect.

Now you have the home you wanted, and still have enough in the bank to enjoy it.

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