The rise of scams during the stamp duty holiday

The stamp duty holiday has provided a great boost for the property industry, contributing to a ‘mini-boom’ in property sales that may also have had positive effects on the wider economy. But the rush to get purchases completed while they’re significantly cheaper has also led to a surge in property-related scams. 

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Tips for Unpacking After a Move

It can be a relief once you have packed up your home, but the hard work is just beginning. Moving is stressful and unpacking can be the worst part when you’re trying to find a place for everything. To settle in quicker it’s important to plan ahead. Here are some of our tips that might help:

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Shoddy House Builders Come Under Scrutiny

A new watchdog has been set up by the government to tackle the problem of rogue builders in the new-build market.

The new body will be given powers to ban cowboy developers and prevent them from building new houses. It will also aim to improve standards across the country and make it much easier for victims of dodgy builders to claim compensation.

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40% of Renters Fear They Will Never Be Homeowners

Many people renting in the UK are concerned that they will never be able to buy their own homes. Getting on the property ladder has always been a challenge, but according to new research, a large number of renters now think that it is beyond them.

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Will the new build housing target be met in the UK?

The Government set out its ambitious target of building 300,000 new homes a year by the mid-2020s. The aim of this program is to create a large pool of new housing stock, in order to control house prices and make owning a home more achievable. Currently, housebuilding sits at around 150,000 per year, so it will need to double in the next 6 years if the Government’s target is to be achieved. How likely is this to happen?

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Cron Job Starts