House prices on the rise

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic (or perhaps because of it), house prices in the UK rose considerably in 2020. In fact, the rise of 8.5% on the previous year was the highest since 2014, and by December 2020, the average house price in the UK stood at £252,000.

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The rise of scams during the stamp duty holiday

The stamp duty holiday has provided a great boost for the property industry, contributing to a ‘mini-boom’ in property sales that may also have had positive effects on the wider economy. But the rush to get purchases completed while they’re significantly cheaper has also led to a surge in property-related scams. 

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Tips for Unpacking After a Move

It can be a relief once you have packed up your home, but the hard work is just beginning. Moving is stressful and unpacking can be the worst part when you’re trying to find a place for everything. To settle in quicker it’s important to plan ahead. Here are some of our tips that might help:

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