Shoddy House Builders Come Under Scrutiny

A new watchdog has been set up by the government to tackle the problem of rogue builders in the new-build market.

The new body will be given powers to ban cowboy developers and prevent them from building new houses. It will also aim to improve standards across the country and make it much easier for victims of dodgy builders to claim compensation.

The New Homes Ombudsman

The New Homes Ombudsman was announced by the Housing Secretary, Robert Jenrick, in the House of Commons on February 24th, as reported by the BBC.

He outlined the plans for the new ombudsman, saying that it was “unacceptable” that shoddy new houses are built and that service is very poor when buyers experience problems with their new properties.

The New Homes Ombudsman had previously been mentioned in the Queen’s Speech. However, there is as yet no date set for when it will come into force.

Helping to Improve Standards

The New Homes Ombudsman, which will be free and independent, will help to improve standards of new-build homes across the UK. Many buyers of new-build homes end up finding that their properties have problems that can make living in them a challenge, with everything from bad brickwork to wiring issues being a concern.

At the moment, when they find a problem that needs sorting out, they have no clear path to solve the issues, creating many problems. The new ombudsman will ensure homebuyers get help when they need it quickly so that disputes can be resolved.

The new rules mean that builders will be forced to pay compensation when work is of a low standard. And when problems are reported, the ombudsman will step in to provide assistance. It will also have statutory powers to ban developers as well as to order repairs.

New Register for Homebuilders

The ombudsman will tackle the problem of rogue developers so that they will no longer be able to get away with low-quality work.

Homebuilders will have to sign up to a register to ensure that standards are met across the UK. This way, the New Homes Ombudsman will enforce standards across the country.

In addition, if developers want to remain part of the Help to Buy scheme, they will have to focus on quality.

Raising Standards Across the UK

The announcement of the New Homes Ombudsman is great news for homebuyers. Problems with new homes have been a serious issue for a long time, and now buyers will get the protection they need.

It can be a desperate situation when you buy a new-build home and it has serious problems, so this is a big step in the right direction to help to raise standards for new-builds across the UK.

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