Hidden Treasures - Why you might want to buy onto a 70s housing estate

Why buy a home on one of those old estates?

They were all the rage, those new developments. They were purpose-built for families who aspired to a comfortable living environment.

Unfortunately many of these estates were built on the outskirts of towns, away from the convenient corner shops and bus routes. Worse, they were often built next to council estates (and sharing the same unfashionable postcode). But things have changed, and that means when we search for properties on websites, these diamonds in the rough are often missed.

Why consider buying one?

  1. These homes come with a much larger footprint than their modern new build counterparts which are often built right alongside these developments. That means storage space isn’t nearly as much of an issue. Most homes will have an airing cupboard as condensing boilers were still up and coming. If the house has been renovated, the former hot tank cupboard still provides an excellent storage place for that vacuum cleaner!
  2. Room sizes are a definite bonus, often light and airy, many of these homes offer separate kitchen, dining and living rooms. Even the box bedrooms have room for a bed and wardrobe (which can’t be said for a lot of the newer designs).
  3. Most of the homes on these 70s developments have a garage, or at least a large drive. There’s no need for parking permits. Some even have room for several cars without having to park on the street. Of course the other car related benefit is the proximity to the arterial roads. If you’ve a motorway commute, being on the old edge of town could cut your travel time substantially.
  4. Most come with a substantial garden. Be it a safe play space for young family members or beautiful private space for summer evening barbeques, a garden is a huge plus to any home. There’s always a place for the roses, or even room for a conservatory addition.
  5. These estates also have a very neighbourly feel to them. Many even have their own neighbourhood watch system in place.

However, the winning argument for these quite residential estates is simply the price.

Because there is less demand for these homes at the moment, the prices are impossibly cheap. Many are even located in the catchment of an excellent school, without the corresponding increasing in asking price. These houses rarely need much more than a lick of paint, though you might be “lucky” enough to land a house with the original bathroom suite. Tastes in that department have happily moved on!