Freehold vs Leasehold

When it comes to homeownership, there are two important legal terms to know about: freehold and leasehold. These are the two main types of legal ownership of a property, and the difference between them is important because it can make a big difference when it comes to buying or selling your home.

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Why should you choose a new build?

It’s New Homes Week from 14th-20th May, and there’s a chance to look at all the ways in which a new build property can save you money. From building guarantees to incentive schemes from developers, buying a new home can be a great choice.

This year New Homes Week compares the cost of upgrading an older property to the high standard of a new-build, against buying new from the outset. It’s an interesting comparison that’s quite illuminating, and could put new build homes firmly in your spotlight.

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Does a new build work as a buy-to-let?

When it comes to utilising new build homes as buy-to-let investments, there are mixed views over the compatibility between the two. After-all, even though landlords know they have to provide safe, clean and secure accommodation for their tenants, renting out a brand-new home might not be the right investment.

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Second home buyers and landlords paid almost half of Britain's stamp duty last year

When it comes to encouraging property owners to pay their fair share of tax, a hike in stamp duty is often put forward as an option for doing this. And, research shows that after the changes to stamp duty rules in April 2017, that’s exactly what happened. The Government’s income from stamp duty payments rose £1.3 billion from 2016 – an increase that was largely due to the 3% additional stamp duty tax charge on BTL investors and buyers of second homes.

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The Most Affordable Cities in the UK for First-Time Buyers

Getting on the housing ladder is tough, and saving up a deposit and getting a mortgage is something a lot of first-time buyers struggle with. But you can make it easier on yourself by buying your first property in a more affordable part of the country.

So where exactly are the most affordable cities? Here are some to consider.

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HM Land Registry stores first digitally signed mortgage deed

Earlier in April, HM Land Registry received and logged its first ever digitally signed mortgage deed. The move comes as the digital revolution gathers pace in an increasingly tech-powered world. It’s also a change that provides a secure, cheaper and quicker way to transfer and store mortgage deeds.

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