Moving Home with Kids: Top Tips

Moving home is tough at the best of times. But if you’ve got young children, it becomes a whole lot harder! Here are some tips you can use when planning your move to keep the kids happy and make the whole move less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone.

 Tell Them Early On

Always tell your kids early on that you are planning to move home. It’s always better to tell them and give them time to process it than to wait until the last moment.

Children always need time to get used to big news, and if you tell them early, hopefully by the time you move they will be excited about the idea.

 Explore Your New Area Before You Move

If possible, visit your new home before you move. Show the kids where their new bedrooms will be and help them to start picturing themselves living there.

If you can’t get to see the property, have a fun day out in the area. Find somewhere fun for the kids, eat out in a restaurant or see some attractions so that when you do move, they have positive feelings about it.

Say Goodbye Properly

Always make sure you say a proper goodbye when you leave your home. Children get very attached to their homes, so don’t tear them away before they have had the chance. You might even want to hold a leaving party.

Also, always make the effort to collect the addresses and telephone numbers of their friends so they know they can stay in touch.

Get the Kids Involved

Always try to get the kids involved in the move as much as possible. They can feel powerless in these moments, so make them feel part of it. Give them some decisions to make, such as what colour they want to decorate their bedrooms. Perhaps ask their advice about how to arrange the living room.

Get Help on Moving Day

Although you want to get them involved in the move, you don’t want them getting in the way on moving day. Try to get your friends or family to help out and keep the kids busy so you can concentrate on making sure the move goes smoothly.

Sort Out the Kids’ Bedrooms First When You Arrive

The first place to sort out should be your kids’ bedrooms. Unpack their boxes and help them to settle in so they can immediately start to feel at home.

Plan for a Fun Arrival

Once you have arrived, you’ll probably be exhausted – but try to make the first day a good one. Get a takeaway, watch a film or simply spend time together rather than worrying about sorting things out – that can wait for tomorrow.

Keep Your Old Routine

Try to stick to your routine as much as possible once you have moved. Children like continuity, and this can help them to feel more at home and soften the blow of moving.

Get Rid of All the Junk!

Moving home is also the perfect time to get rid of all that junk that has built up over the years. If there are lots of old toys that the kids don’t play with any longer, this could be your chance to give them away without them realising so you can start afresh in your new home.

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