A Landlord’s guide to advertising

So congratulations, you have bought your first buy to let property! Now you have to fill it with tenants.

Assuming you wish to manage the property yourself, one of the first questions will be, “How do I advertise this property to maximise its potential?”

It’s a good question, as you will be mindful of two things, 1.not paying too much for advertising and 2. getting good tenants who will pay on time and can be trusted to look after your property.

So, where to begin?

If you are not confident, then remember Ezylet offer a range of online options for you, that still allow you to be in control, but takes away many of the headaches and heartaches involved.

For example, their advertising packages start at just £29 and provide advertising to thousands of potential tenants as well as the rental documents you will need. You have the facility to upload your own photos and description, after all, who else knows the property as well as you do?

So to get started, let's think about the property itself. Ask yourself, “what would I want to know before renting it?” and “what I would I like it to look like?”

So before taking those all important photos, have a look at your property.

  • Does it look clean and presentable from the outside? Remember, you can choose what photos to take and which to upload to the Ezylet online service, but you cannot fool people. When they come to view, if you have presented a false impression you will lose them, so either make improvements if needed and be honest.

Sometimes a simple lick of paint to the outside, and a tidy of the front garden makes all the difference, oh, and take any outside photos on a sunny day!.

  • As for inside, make sure the rooms are clutter free, remember less is more, people want to see clear, clean lines, lots of space and openness.

Remember to “dress” the rooms, make sure beds have nice coverings, maybe a nice display of towels on them, bathrooms especially should look bright,clean and spacious, does that shower curtain need replacing? or does the bonding around the bath need cleaning or replacing?

If you have a good camera phone then by all means take the photos yourself, but maybe you have a friend or family member into photography who would like the practice and could be a bit more creative for you. (I use my Daughter!)

  • Armed with these lovely photos, think about the description, again be honest, is it actually a large 3 bed semi close to shops? or more like a 2 bed 1 boxroom terraced close to a shop? Remember being honest means the quality of tenant you attract will be higher and they will be more inclined to be willing to rent if the reality matches the description.

Again, think about what information you would want to know before your rent a property and let that be your guide.

Remember Ezylet can advertise your property for you in the best way possible online today, but what you provide will make a huge difference.

You provide Ezylet with great photos, and an accurate and well written description, and watch the tenants roll in!

Remember, Ezylet have a range of products to help ease the process of being a landlord after the advertising has worked, more on that later.

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