5 Services Every Independent Landlord Should Invest In

Although many Landlords opt to have their property managed by an Agent there are also many to choose to be independent and manage their properties themselves. If this is the case, to make things somewhat easier the Landlord should ensure that they invest their money wisely into different covers and services as they don’t have the safety net of the Agents maintenance contacts to fall back onto. This ensures that a Landlord is fulfilling their contractual obligations and keeping their tenants happy. Here are five services that every independent Landlord should invest in:

Boiler Cover

It’s no secret that the British winters can be terribly harsh. Which then has a knock-on effect on how much tenants will need to use the boiler to heat the property. It is in a Landlord’s interest to invest in boiler cover as if a boiler breaks during these unforgiving times it can also have devastating effects on the property. 

Also, when speaking of boilers ongoing maintenance is always better than allowing the work to get to a point of no return as this will cost a large sum compared to the instalments of regular checks.

Roofing Cover

As with the previously mentioned point, the British weather can wreak havoc on a property. This includes the blowing away of roof tiles during a storm or rain finding its way in through a gap that is invisible to the naked eye. Water damage is amongst the worst damage that can be caused to a property as it has lasting effects, especially if it gets into the electrical system!

However, a Landlord can guarantee that their property and tenants stay dry by investing in roofing cover. This will ensure that the roof is surveyed regularly and preventative maintenance will be scheduled to avoid any of these dramatic problems. This will mean the Landlord will be assured that the last thing they should be hearing from a tenant is that water has just started coming through the ceiling!

Appliances – Cover for parts/repairs

Appliances, if you buy the right ones, are some of the most reliable pieces of technology a Landlord can buy when they are renting their property. The right fridge-freezer or washing machine should last a minimum of 6 years thanks to the Sale of Goods Act.

 However, there are ways a Landlord can prolong the life of the appliances of their property and this is by investing in the right service to be able to maintain and repair the appliances during their lifespan. Sometimes rather than buying a whole new appliance a Landlord may simply be able to invest in a new part. The best bit is that they won’t have to worry about paying for the Labour costs as small monthly fee they pay for the cover will pay for this.

Electrical Cover

Working electrics in a property is something that both Landlords and tenants can take for granted and then feel at a loss at what to do next when something goes wrong. If a Landlord hires a company who can do 24/7 call outs then this should mean they should never receive the call from a tenant in the evening because all the electricity has gone off whilst they were cooking a meal or watching a film with their partner. Dependent on the company hired they may also be able to install safety features such as fire or carbon monoxide alarms meaning the Landlord is truly getting value for their money.

Plumbing Cover

Plumbing issues can be amongst the most urgent problems that a Landlord can face. A Landlord has a legal obligation to complete a repair within 24 hours if they are for example blocked toilets, leaking pipes or any other plumbing fault that makes the property unsafe.

As discussed in roofing cover, plumbing issues can lead to even more problems in a property so are something that a Landlord should ensure that have sorted as part of a plumbing cover service. As part of this emergency cover a Landlord may also be able to pay an extra fee to schedule regular checks to stop any emergency situations from arising.

Overall, all these types of cover may seem a bit over the top in some instances. However, if an independent Landlord is solely relying on their property as their regular income it makes sense to protect their investment. By paying a monthly fee for the services mentioned they will save themselves money in the long run if an emergency does occur. They will also be able to pass these details onto the tenant if they wish, to ensure that the tenant will be able to report the problem directly to the correct service without going through the Landlord first.

Disclaimer: Ezylet is not qualified to give legal or financial advice. Any information shared in the above blog is an opinion based on personal experiences within the property rental sector, and should never be construed as legal or professional advice.