Buying a leasehold property – what you need to know

It’s fair to say that if we were designing a system of property ownership for the modern era, leasehold would not be it. It’s quirky, archaic and still rather prone to exploitation, but successive governments have worked hard to iron out many of its problems, and it can be a perfectly practical way to own property – so long as you understand your rights.

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Government axes leasehold option on all new homes amid a raft of housing plans

The UK Government has announced that all newly built homes must be sold under a freehold basis as Housing Minister James Brokenshire continues with plans to end unfair practices in the housing market. While the private sector rental market remains firmly in his sights, the Housing Minister is also working towards creating a fairer system for home-buyers and owners, too.

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A quick guide to Section 20 consultations

If you live in a leasehold flat, it’s highly likely you’ve come across Section 20 consultations, and if you haven’t then something could be amiss with the way your building is being managed. But not everyone understands what the rules are and when they’re applicable.

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