Tenants Guide to Glasgow

Glasgow is Scotland’s biggest and most populous city, and in 2016 this post-industrial giant is as vibrant as ever.

With a high quality of life, beautiful architecture, an abundance of open green space, and some of the friendliest people you could ever hope to meet, renting in Glasgow is the ideal option for students and young professionals studying and working in the city.

Here are a few of our favourite areas if you’re thinking of making the move.

Location, Location, Location

Choosing where to live can be challenging and somewhat daunting, and when it comes to renting in Glasgow you’ll find it’s no different. You’ll want to find somewhere that matches your circumstances, be it for work, education, or family.

The two most popular areas in terms of culture, nightlife, restaurants, travel and amenities are the West End and the South Side of the city.

You’ll find passionate cheerleaders for both, as West Enders and South Siders are usually only too happy to regale you with any number of reasons why their part of the city is the cool and trendy one. We won’t pick sides, but you can make your mind up as to who wins by reading more here (South Side) and here (West End).

Top Tip: Be sure to visit your desired location at different times throughout the day and evening before committing to anything. That way you’ll quickly learn if a noisy pub or the flight path of a 747 will keep you awake at night.

Go West

If you’re considering relocating to the cosmopolitan West End of Glasgow with a young family, you should look no further than Jordanhill. It boasts the country’s top performing secondary school, several quality primary schools in the vicinity, and excellent transport links to the city centre via its local train station. There’s a real mix of the old and new in this part of the city, with older homes and modern apartments aplenty.

The train line from Jordanhill is a handy two stops away from the Partick Train, Bus and Subway Station. This transport hub has undergone a great deal of modernisation in recent years, making commuting to any part of the city from the West End a breeze.

For those of you studying at one of the city’s three universities, the Partick area has long been popular with students. With stations for the world’s third-oldest subway system conveniently located at Partick and Kelvinhall, you’ll never be late for class again. It’s also a stone’s throw from the popular Byres Road, where you’ll find a wealth of shops, bars and restaurants.

The Beautiful South

Growing in popularity over the last decade, the South Side of Glasgow has positioned itself as the younger, trendier alternative to the West End. Classic Glasgow architecture abounds, with high-ceilinged tenement flats and quiet leafy streets giving this part of the city real character.

If moving south of the River Clyde appeals, we’d recommend the cool and bustling Shawlands area.

For those of you with children, there are six primary schools in the area, while the secondary school Shawlands Academy, renowned for its focus on teaching foreign languages, was extensively renovated within the last 10 years.

Handily located near not one, not two, but three train stations, all within walking distance, means Shawlands is only a ten minute journey into Glasgow Central Station in the city centre and ideal for mature students or young professionals.

For football fans, the Hampden roar can be heard on match days (usually when Scotland are playing, rather than local side Queens Park), while there’s no lack of nice bars and restaurants in which to spend your leisure time.

Whether you’re studying or working in Glasgow, renting in the West End or the South Side is the perfect way to experience all the best things this beautiful city has to offer.

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