Top Three Buy to let Areas in Belfast

There is little doubt that Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, has a mixed reputation. Synonymous with the Troubles and famous for its terraced housing and politics, Belfast has struggled to attract buy to let investors from outside the city itself.

However, times are changing and some intractable facts remain the same. Belfast is a contemporary city on the rise. It is surrounded by stunning scenery, castles, ruins, coastline, beautiful parks and municipal buildings, and really is quite the sight for sore eyes.

Belfast is in fact one of the most affordable cities in the UK according to a recent report. This makes the city a smart move for potential buy-to-let investors. It also means the city is popular with renters looking for rental properties at the lower end of UK price ranges.

The city has plenty of entertainment venues, brilliant shopping, and lots of options when it comes to food and drink. Belfast has some seriously beautiful, historic pubs that are well worth checking out.

So where should you look if you’re buying to invest? We’ve got three great locations to get you started.

Titanic Quarter

The waterfront Titanic Quarter is Belfast’s latest, and biggest urban regeneration project. The area has a mix of residential, commercial and business premises that reflect the maritime history of the city. Investors looking for a long-term investment in a new build, would do well to begin their search here. Young professional couples are pouring into the area attracted by the shiny new facilities and high standard of apartments.


With the Russell Group, Queen’s University, Belfast attracts a serious number of high achieving students from around the world. Most second and third years aim for Stranmillis. Famed for its diverse range of eateries, Stranmillis has a slightly higher standard of housing than the perpetually popular, Holylands, and as such, may well prove to be a wise investment.


Unusually, we have two traditionally student areas in this week’s buy to let guide. Holylands has a great proportion of student renters but also a significant civilian population too. Named for its abundance of streets with names like Damsucus and Palestine Street, Holylands attracts a number of lower income families and young people looking to pay lower rents. This means there are plenty of options for buy to let investors, whatever part of the market you are hoping to target.

Remember, Belfast is a city coming into its own. With a rich history outside the violence of the Troubles, and a large amount of investment, it is a city that could be a shrewd move for buy-to-let investors looking to make a medium to long-term investment. Cast aside pre-existing opinions about this tiny city, and check it out for yourself. You’re sure to find a plethora of renters from young families with small children, to student renters as well. Belfast has something for renters and investors alike. As ever, always do you own research before splashing the cash.

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