Top Three Buy to Let in Aberdeen

Aberdeen regularly tops best places to live charts thanks to its flourishing oil industry. It has a high number of millionaire homeowners, great employment, a low crime rate, and is located amidst the stunning and majestic Scottish countryside.

Recently, Aberdeen has been voted in the top three places to live in the country, and as number one in Scotland. With easy access to miles and miles of pristine beaches, and an old harbour left over from its origins as a fishing port, it’s clear to see why Aberdeen is a thriving city.

Though it has a notoriously bad traffic problem, the city is well served by public transport and there are many easily commutable towns and villages located on its outskirts. Aberdeen has a very healthy job market, with excellent rates of employment. It’s also got everything you could want in a city, and more.

For shopping, head to the famous Granite Mile for high street stores, and The Academy shopping centre for boutiques and independents. Aberdeen has a flourishing nightlife and hundreds of bars and restaurants to choose from – albeit one based on a more financially secure clientele.

As a city, Aberdeen is a pretty stunning one with oodles of beautiful granite buildings lending it a character all of its own. Aberdeen is also awash with all sorts of cultural events. There are festivals aplenty, a strong music and arts scene, theatres, galleries and all sorts of high culture goings on.

So, in a thriving city like Aberdeen, where are the best places to invest your hard-earned cash? We’ve got three brilliant buy to let locations for you to pick from.


Rosemount is an area popular with families looking for low to mid range housing. It also has a well-established high street with many independent shops and traditional high street staples like a butcher and florist. Rosemount has an abundance of terraced houses and is popular with young families thanks to the good schools to be found in the area.


The Northfield area of Aberdeen is a large mostly council-owned estate. If you want to invest in property at the lower end of the housing price range, Northfield could be a good bet for you. It’s an area popular with families on low incomes and has a fairly high unemployment rate relative to the rest of the city.


With two great universities, The University of Aberdeen, and Robert Gordan University, Aberdeen attracts many students looking for quality accommodation. Torry is one area of the city in which the student population can be found. A lively area with a smattering of civilian residents living in low-cost rental homes, Torry is not for the feint hearted. As usual with a student area, there are plenty of take-aways and bars – and importantly, plenty of housing stock too.

So, Aberdeen can be a really good bet for the buy to let investor. With a thriving and bustling population of short-term renters thanks to the unique oil economy, buying to let will tap into a sound market.

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