Virtual Viewings, YAY or NAY?

Let’s settle one thing. Before we move property, we want to view the inside (and out) to check if it is fit for purpose. One thing that may split the public view is how we view a potential property. Yes, with the internet age offering seemingly unlimited opportunities, there is another way to view a property, virtually. Many estate agents are becoming tech savvy and offering an alternative way to view their properties with virtual property viewings.

YAY, Let’s Adapt


Adapting to this new experience has attractive positives and none better than saving you time. Virtual viewings are available 24/7 seven days a week and work around your schedule. We all want more hours in the day and physical viewings are time consuming. With virtual viewings, your busy schedule does not have to be compromised and the viewings can work around you.


The internet is being utilised like never before due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Economies are interrupted and many individuals across the world are in lockdown and staying connected through the internet. These tough times won’t last and virtual viewings can be a great tool post pandemic for individuals that may not be able to physically view a property because of illness or disability.

Before you know it, it’s gone!

The buying or rental process can be long without hiccups and virtual viewings only speeds up the process. Tablets, laptops, and phones can all be used to view potential properties and with this opportunity at your fingertip it could be the difference between an early successful bid and a property already taken off the market! This also benefits sellers and can make the whole property chain more efficient.

NAY, Let’s Get Physical


There are downfalls to the virtual viewing world and it is just that, virtual. The traditionalist view is that the in person interaction with the house cannot be beat, and it is a strong argument. There is no way a virtual viewing can give you a sense of the surrounding area or the neighbourhood of a property.


For many who have browsed properties online and viewed them physically will know the online photos may be distorted or angled as such to make a room look bigger. This makes it hard to know the real size and paint a true perspective of a place. A physical viewing removes the guesswork. The internet can be overwhelming for unfamiliar users and with information overload it can be hard to know who to trust so what better way but to see it with your own eyes!

Whichever side you lean towards, both have attractive reasons to support their type of viewing. Virtual viewings are only an added opportunity and can save you time but ultimately it is the physical viewing that will give you a true sense of a property. Who says it has to be one or the other? They can work hand in hand.


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