August Property Round Up

The last month of summer before many families return to work and school as normal after the Covid interruption. However, there has also been plenty of property news circling throughout this month to cast your eye over that we have covered including the following:

 How To: Be a Good Neighbour 

We focused on what makes ourselves a good neighbour rather than having to deal with the usual nightmare neighbours. This included making the effort to meet them, being considerate in terms of any parties or gatherings you have and keeping clean. All these traits will then hopefully be reciprocated meaning you will live in a happy neighbourhood

Will Record Highs Continue into Autumn? 

We also covered the news that there is currently record-breaking demand for rental properties since the Covid lockdown ended. However, what we wanted to work out was whether this can be sustainable and continue into the autumn. Yet, because these are unprecedented times it is near on impossible to predict with the situation changing weekly. We are just going to have to wait and see.

5 Ways to Soundproof your Home

Throughout being at home during lockdown I’m sure some residents have noticed just how noisy their house really is. In this blog we tackled how to soundproof your home in 5 easy steps. This included changing the windows and doors as well as investing in absorbent décor. Overall, we just hope these tips can help give the reader some much needed peace at home.

Students: Halls or House?

Also, as students have found out their results and whether they are going to university this month, we thought we would compare the two most popular accommodation types. Both very clearly have their strengths and weaknesses against the other, but it was concluded that as long as a student takes into account all points mentioned, they should always trust their gut and go with what they want. They are the one that will be living there after all.

Tips for Unpacking After a Move 

Lastly, we have our most recent post, sharing tips for unpacking after a move. As previous blog posts have explained the demand for rental property is at an all-time high and with students also moving this coming month this advice is invaluable! To name a few you should be forward thinking, set a deadline and ensure you unpack the essentials first.

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