Diversity and Personality Uncovered by Pinterest Design Awards

Social media is a great way to share trends, things you like and all other manner of ideas Pinterest is a website that lends itself to that very well and it’s become a popular place to post images of everything from food to party décor to dress designs.

The 2016/17 Best of Pinterest UK Interior Awards were announced in May and highlighted a great mix of interior design up and down the UK. The Judging panel included designers Kelly Hoppen and Matthew Williamson.

It’s clear from the entries and winners, that households are increasingly confident to show off their own stamp in the design of their home. The minimalist approach and use of bold statement pieces were both apparent, amid a plethora of other design preferences from the images that were entered.

But, as well as evidence of an eclectic design backdrop, there were also a couple of common trends that wound through the images. What the Pinterest awards did very well, was show everyone that if you’re willing to add some personality to your décor, the results can really impress.

Personal Preference

While many interiors made use of bold colour or items, many were also much simpler, showing both styles are currently popular at once, with home-owners and designers. In some categories, bold wallpaper prints stood alongside calm and minimalist rooms. The contrast shows how people aren’t just blindly following design trends. Instead they’re picking and choosing the details they love and going with it.

In the ‘Best Wow Factor’ category, bird print wallpaper, indoor cactus plants a ladder as a piece of wall art, all featured. For ‘Best use of Colour’, a fitted yellow wardrobe was the winner, but the runners up included pastel pink walls while other commended entries were deep green and faded multicolour.

Judging DIY and professional design together resulted in winners from both arenas. That means not everyone was designing with awards in mind and were still able to create inspiring and jaw-dropping interiors.

Myriad Ideas on Show

Pinterest is promoting an ‘improve, don’t move’ mantra and these awards showed many ways that’s possible for all types of homes. The lack of a single trend suggests that many home-owners and designers created décor to suit the person living in the home, rather than making the most of what’s featuring as the next best thing.

Elsewhere, storage added some design flair in a number of rooms and homes. Large trunks, hanging rails and shelves that fold away when not in use, were all proudly on show in the awards. That’s a great way to show how people can turn a lack of storage into a real feature in any room, or even a whole house.

The Pinterest Awards are a real eye opener as to just how much design flair is hidden behind front doors all over the UK. They should also inspire many more people to turn their hand to their home and come up with interior design ideas they love, regardless of what’s on the high street or other designers are excited about.