Sound Bites - Does noise ranking affect our accommodation decisions?

A recent report by comparison site, Compare My Move, has revealed that Leeds receives more noise complaints than any other city in the UK outside of London.

Big noise up North

The report states that the Yorkshire city received 27,316 noise complaints in the last three years, almost twice as many as Birmingham and Manchester combined.  The thousands of complaints received by Leeds City Council included loud music, partying, DIY and barking dogs. Other high scorers were Glasgow with 20,521 complaints and Belfast with 20,261 complaints.

Causing a commotion

Noisy neighbours are not only annoying but, they may also stop you selling your house too.  When choosing a new place to live, many factors are taken into consideration including transport options, schools and local amenities.  In a survey of 1000 people across England and Wales, 69% of house hunters said that noise would put them off buying a property - even if it was their dream home.  With the advent of noise ranking being made available to the public, nuisance neighbours could leave you severely out of pocket.

In the UK, noise restrictions are in place from Monday to Friday before 7am and after 8pm and, at weekends before 9am and after 8pm.  If a problem with a neighbour occurs, residents are advised to try to resolve the problem between themselves, however, if the issue persists, the offender can be reported to the local council for noise pollution.  Generally, the council will react by checking out the issue for themselves and, in many cases, issuing a noise abatement order.  If the offender ignores the order, they can then be subject to a fine of up to £5000 - something that the residents of Leeds might want to bear in mind.

The quiet side of town

In its report, Compare My Move also listed some of the quietest places in the country to live - the top three of which are Reading with 1,549 noise complaints, Wolverhampton with 1694 and, Northampton with 2289.

Constant noise can affect our mental and physical health - particularly if it affects your sleep so, next time you’re considering a move, be sure to check out the noise ranking for your destination city first!

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