Packing away Christmas

With the festivities over, it’s now time to start clearing everything away to start afresh in the new year. Taking the decorations down might feel like a bit of an anticlimax, but it’s also the perfect time to give your home a revamp for 2020.

However, if you may want to take everything down quickly and get the house back to normal, it’s a good idea to consider a few things before chucking the decorations in a cupboard.

Take a look at how to make your life a little easier after the Christmas period:

Dispose of your real tree

If you have a real Christmas tree, it’s not just a case of squeezing it into your regular garden waste (unless it’s tiny!). Real trees can be recycled, and there is often local drop off points you can take them to. Check out this recycling locator on to find your nearest location.

Wrap fairy lights around cardboard

Christmas lights are renowned for getting tangled every year, and if you don’t want to face the dread of trying to sort them out next year - wrap them around cardboard! It’s really simple and means that you can quickly get them out and pop them around the tree super-fast next Christmas.

Use resealable bags

If you want to keep different types of decoration separate, then opt for clear resealable bags. You can store everything from small ornaments to larger decorations with ease. Plus, you’ll be able to find everything quickly next year.

Use clear storage boxes

Much like the resealable bags, opting for clear storage boxes also helps make life easier next year. Boxes are also ideal for storing anything could be breakable and any family mementoes that only come out at Christmastime.

Shrinkwrap your artificial tree

Artificial Christmas trees are renowned for being a nightmare when trying to put them back in their original box. It can be challenging to get all the branches back in position and flush, so they easily slide back into storage. However, once you’ve got the basics down, why not shrinkwrap it to compact the branches further. This way, it’ll go straight into its box and will help protect the branches when you come to pull it out next year.

Keep decorations dry

It can be tempting to store the decorations in the shed or garage, but if this space is damp, they’ll be ruined before you come to put them up again. Keeping decorations dry is essential to make them last longer. Plus, it’s vital to ensure any lights or fittings are free from moisture, especially when you come to plug them in.

Use tinsel to protect ornaments

Instead of wrapping everything up in bubble wrap or shredded paper, why not use the tinsel you already have to protect baubles and ornaments! It’ll take up less room and everything can be stored together for ease. It’ll also help protect against scratches and breakages without the need to buy anything extra.

Packing the decorations can be an arduous task. But if you make everything a little easier now, next year you’ll have them ready to go in no time!

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