How To – Deal with Nightmare Neighbours

It’s every person's worst nightmare, you move into your dream property, start unpacking and then realise the neighbours weren’t the friendly, chirpy people they appeared to be when you came for your viewing. 


There are all sorts of issues you can face when it comes to dealing with the people next door. With the most common issue being noise, as previously covered. However, they can also be messy, lead you into boundary disputes and in a worst-case scenario lead to regular harassment and intimidation.

Here are a few basic tips to try and avoid the conflict

Get to know them 

You'd be surprised how much of a difference it can make to a neighbourhood if you make the effort to learn your neighbour's names. Take their post in for them if they aren’t home, send them a Christmas card, it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference.


If there’s something you aren’t happy about the worst thing you can do is keep it to yourself and say nothing at all. The problem will only get worse.

If you approach your neighbours in a reasonable way, and at a suitable time when they are free to speak, most will be happy to talk the problem out.

Don’t Accuse 

Never assume that the problem that is bothering you is being caused by next door. It could be the people across the street who are moving your belongings or letting their dog walk over your lawn.

Or even if you are sure next door is the problem because of something with an obvious source like a noise complaint, don’t assume it’s only bothering you. It may be the children playing their music at full volume upstairs, much against their parents' rules. 

If you have a problem approach the subject in a calm, open-ended manner, you won’t know the full story until you have spoken to your neighbours. Heading over angry and sure you are right isn’t going to result in anything positive.

Research Your Rights

Look into local laws. They are different depending on where you live for many issues, such as pets, noise and parking. Once you have done your research you will be better informed on whether you have a legal case for the problem that is bothering you.

Seek advice from mediator/lawyer

If the issue isn’t resolving itself with any of the previous suggestions it may be time to seek external professional, legal help. You may find taking the problem into mediation and outside the neighbourhood will be enough to solve it. If sadly that is not the case, contacting a lawyer may be your only option. They will be the most qualified to advise how to resolve the problem.

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