Ways to Accommodate Elderly Tenants In Rental Properties

In a world where the focus always seems to be on technology and the younger generation that are using it, it can be easy to forget about the older generation and their needs. It’s easy to focus on rental properties for those moving into their first home or growing families, but those who are ready to enjoy their retirement also need to be remembered.

Here are a few things a Landlord/Estate Agent can think about when renting a property to elderly tenants:

Having a security system

Make sure that your property has a fully working security system installed. When any potential tenants view the property, it will be a bonus but something they may have been looking for specifically if they will be living with a partner/family. However, for an elderly person who will be living alone it could be the difference between them choosing the property or looking elsewhere. 

You always want your tenant to feel safe and secure. This is the easiest way to do that.

Account for Disability/Mobility issues

Chances are that if you are renting your property to an elderly resident they won’t be as agile as they once were. For those with minor mobility issues the necessary changes could be something as simple as making sure handrails are fitted both to the outdoor and indoor stairs.

If you are looking to market your property to the elderly, it needs to be considered that all tenant’s requirements are different.  Some may need ramps available to access the property. Or you may need to go the extra mile and have a stair lift fitted, to give your tenants the option when climbing the stairs. This is something to be discussed at a viewing to make the potential tenant feel comfortable and valued at the fact you're even considering it, when chances are other Landlords/Estate Agents haven’t.

Make Things Simple

Lastly and probably most importantly, make the application, viewing and contract process simple.

It’s no secret that the older generation aren’t the most familiar with technology. If they need to book a viewing/fill out any forms/upload documents online, make sure you give them a contact number they can call if they have any issues. Or even better, sit with them and help them do it.

It will not only make the process quicker for yourself, meaning you get a tenant into your property sooner. It will be invaluable customer service to them and make them feel like they’re in safe hands for the duration of their tenancy. Also, making them more likely to recommend you to their friends and family. Everyone is a winner!

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