Renting a Property with your 'Other Half' for the First Time - Things to Consider

It’s a serious decision for every couple that considers making the step to move in with each other. It can be a testing time for everyone involved, who moves in with who? Are both of you moving? Some things to bear in mind are to be as open as you can with each other and ensuring it is a mutual decision. Don’t rush your situation even if your current tenancy is coming to an end and you are searching for a new property. Moving in with your partner should be a carefully thought out decision.


Working out finances can be the most problematic factor when living with others. This does not go away when living with your partner. Come together and be open about your individual finances, if not, they will more than likely become an issue later on in the tenancy. Sharing an address means sharing finance. Work out a plan to split the rent, utilities, TV license, Netflix, food and any other costs that you may incur. Whether this is 50/50 or any other figure once it is set out from the beginning it is less likely to cause any issues later down the line.


A key theme throughout this blog is openness. This may go without saying but coming together to discuss your future with each other is important. You need to be on the same page where the relationship is going to make your journey as smooth as possible. Of course nothing is ever guaranteed but talking through any kinks in the relationship will remove any element of guess work as your tenancy develops. You might not be in a legal contract to each other but you are with the property. If you and your partner split up you are legally liable to pay the rent for the remainder of your tenancy term even if you move out. It’s important to consider this before committing to a long term rental contract otherwise it could get complicated.


The secret to success! Communication is key to any team's success and don’t believe you’re not a team. You’re in this together so vocalising your thoughts to each other without hesitation of stepping on each other's toes or causing aggravation is important. It’s possible to be able to disagree and not fall out. If you’re moving in together then you probably think you already know your other half inside out but living together can bring up the unexpected.


It’s often said you don’t know someone till you live with them. Nobody’s perfect and we all have our own quirks that make us individual. You will get to know these oddities when living with anyone but you will be sharing more of the same spaces, like bedroom, with your partner so these could be more prominent. It’s important to see these quirks as unique behaviours rather than annoying idiocies.

The two main takeaways from this is to lay all cards out on the table and to openly communicate to one another. Do your best to be completely honest and open from finance to quirks and you will be ready for a smoother ride. Things go wrong, it happens, but by being open and honest they will fix themselves much quicker than keeping it buried and being silent about it.

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