Ways to Reduce Maintenance Costs Between Tenants

Once a tenant has left a property the Landlord will now need to focus on getting it ready for the next. However, with this focus comes all the costs of ensuring everything gets off to the best start once a new tenant moves in. This is an important job as it will set the precedent for the new tenants and influence how they will treat the property so the Landlord must ensure that they try not to cut any corners.

One Kind of Paint

A simple hack to saving a Landlord some money is to ensure that they only use one type of paint to redecorate their property. This is because buying a decent brand of paint in bulk will actually work out cheaper than investing in different shades and brands for the ceilings and walls. This will also save the Landlord time as it will mean that they can do basic touch ups in every room and know the paint matches.

Of course, if a property is more high market the brand the Landlord invests in may be a bit dearer. However, sticking to this basic rule of thumb will ensure the best possible finish and still save time and money.

No Carpet

In this day and age, the new millennial trends point towards vinyl or hardwood flooring instead of carpets.  Carpets are also being ditched from properties as they usually cling onto bad odours and need attention once tenants have left the property. See our previous blog post about removing bad smells for how to do this.

Either way, if a Landlord chooses to ditch carpets, they are setting themselves up for success. Not only are vinyl or hardwood flooring easier to clean and maintain, they can also withstand large amounts of wear and tear better than carpet.

Hang Your Own Curtains/Blinds

This may equal short term loss for the Landlord but in the long term it will definitely save them money. By allowing tenants to hang their own curtains or blinds in the property a Landlord is basically giving permission for their walls to be butchered. By picking out some curtains or blinds themselves the Landlord is ensuring that the property maintains a modern clean look, whilst also protecting their walls from having any wonky curtain brackets or nails hammered into them to hang blankets on (it does happen!)

Use The Same Maintenance/Cleaners etc.

There’s no shame in wanting to hire others to do the work for you. As a Landlord who may have multiple properties sometimes it is impossible to find all the necessary hours in the day to complete all necessary work themselves. However, if a Landlord is going to pay a company to complete the work for them, they should use the same company for all their properties.

Not only will they have peace of mind that the job is being handled and done well but the company may also offer them a discount based on the understanding that the Landlord will always use their services for their properties. A win win all round!

To conclude, if a Landlord takes all the discussed steps when organising maintenance between tenants, they will be sure to reduce costs. Although some of the tips advised may have upfront costs, all that has been suggested will result in the Landlord saving money in the long term whilst also guaranteeing their new tenants will have a lovely property ready to move in to.

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