How To: Live in Harmony in a Houseshare

You don’t truly know someone until you live with them. Whether you’re moving in with someone you know or it’s a house share of random people, there will be an element of risk. At face value we are very different to our oddities behind closed doors. Meeting potential housemates while viewing properties isn’t enough time to fully vet them and judge their housemate potential. Get it right, however, and you’re laughing! Living with your best friends can be a great time, and, with most people delaying getting onto the property ladder, it’s occurring more frequently.

Here’s some quick pointers to reach that zen feeling between house sharers:

Clean and Tidy

This goes without saying? But so many fail at this hurdle. For some individuals it’s just in their genes to be messy. This is fine until the mess starts to creep into communal areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Try to have some space on the kitchen counters visible so if someone does want to prep a meal, they can. Mess is manageable. Messy is not dirty and dirt can cause problems like smells, damage, and rodents. House sharers need to be mindful of their own mess and dirt and not leave breadcrumb trails for other housemates to follow and clean up. When it comes to dishes, try to keep it to less than a day so the next person to cook dinner doesn’t find the pan at the bottom of a pile of dirty dishes. Be conscious!

LOUD Noises

Whatever it is, music, sex, TV, assuming your housmates are not involved, they don’t want to hear it. Especially in the morning or evening. If you’re up early for work or you’re coming back from a night on the town, blind drunk and senseless, your housemates will not appreciate you if you’re waking them up. The awakening noise can affect neighbours that may file a noise complaint and spill over to a fine.

Unannounced Guests

Guests are fine and can be great to see fresh faces in your house. A simple heads up to your housemates is all that's needed when inviting guests over. Unannounced guests can send housemates to their rooms if the property isn’t big enough. With a heads up, however, they can plan for this.

Sharing is Caring

Do your best not to take over any amenities for too long. It’s likely someone else wants to do a white wash or finish their series on Netflix. Depending whether you share the cooking between your housemates or cook individually, the kitchen can be a busy place in the evening. Everyone needs to eat and if you’re cooking separately be mindful of the space you use so everyone gets a chance to eat. 

The two takeaways are to be conscious of your own mess around the house and be mindful of others wants and needs. House sharers can tolerate issues for so long but everyone has a limit. Work together to keep this limit at bay and the harmony flowing.