How to: Choose a Moving Company

Moving house is not something you can easily do alone. It takes many hands to make the job efficient. Choosing who helps is key and when it comes to moving companies there’s a variety to pick from. It’s best to choose a company tailored for your needs and here are some tips to pick what’s best for you.


There can be an overwhelming amount of jargon to sift through when searching google. To filter this, look for local companies close to your home. This could be an advantage when setting a date and time because there’s less likelihood of the company running behind schedule if you’re close by.

Your needs

This is important to think of. Jot down exactly what you need out of the moving company. This could be moving things into storage, needing help with packing up belongings, or just needing heavier furniture moved. Whatever it is, be specific and open with the company so they can accommodate. You might have fragile stuff that needs taking care of so the more detail given to the company the less assuming everyone involved has to do.

Comparison and reviews

Use a comparison website with a good review system to find the best bang for your buck. Reviews will be your best friend and can tell you a lot about a company after reading a few. A comparison website might even have offers for you if you use them which could save you more money.

Pre-move survey

Once you’ve detailed to a company your needs they can offer a survey of how long it will take, how many staff will be needed etc. This is valid information because the more you know, the better when it comes to strangers handling your personal belonging.


Ask the right questions and it will make for a smoother moving day. Things to ask about are parking, insurance, and delays. Check who’s responsible for the parking especially if you live on a busy road with limited parking space. See what insurance they offer for moving your belongings and add it to yours if necessary. Moving day can often be changed for reasons out of our control. Familiarise yourself with their delay policy in case your contracts aren’t through in time.

It's not as easy as a google search and clicking the first company that crops up. Well, you can but the likelihood you’ll be disappointed is high. Take these tips into account, and after careful consideration, choose the company that best suits your needs. After all, you’re choosing which hands you put your personal belongings in.

Disclaimer: Ezylet is not qualified to give legal or financial advice. Any information shared in the above blog is an opinion based on personal experiences within the property rental sector, and should never be construed as legal or professional advice.