Considering a ground floor apartment? Pros and Cons

Location? Check. Price? Check. Apartment floor? Hmm… 

Living on the ground floor comes with its own rituals and quirks and today we explore these in a little more depth to help you along the decision making process. Plus, we hear a ground floor horror story from our very own Ezylet employee, Maxine. But before that, what are some of the perks to living in a first floor apartment? 

 Safety first 

Have you ever taken a moment to plan an escape route from your apartment in the event of an emergency? Well, for many a safety-conscious person, living on the ground floor brings a real sense of peace. If the residents of a property need to make an untimely escape, due to a fire for example, it’s much easier, quicker and safer to evacuate the first floor and therefore the chance of getting trapped inside is significantly lessened. 


Lets face it, hauling yourself up five flights of stairs after a tiring day at work is nobody’s idea of fun. Living on the ground floor is a welcome relief for those of us with experience tackling the stairs with shopping bags in hands and children in tow. For elderly people with limited mobility, stairs can pose a real problem. What’s more, stairs don’t do anything to alleviate the stress of moving day. 

Your budget could be bit more down to earth 

After a few financially difficult months, this could well be music to your ears; an apartment on the ground floor is often less expensive than a similar one on a higher floor. Perhaps this is due to lighting or noise levels, and if these aren’t particularly important to you, why pay more? 

Social Distancing 

The public health crisis has changed what matters to UK renters, whether it be where they want to live or how much they’re willing to spend. With the health crisis set to last for months, if not longer, living on the ground floor has become appealing in that it makes social distancing easier. Having to share an elevator with your neighbours everyday is a genuine concern, especially for vulnerable people. 

More space to play with 

A ground floor apartment not only often comes with a bigger terrace, but also provides access to spacious areas such as a garden or a basement. These can be used for simple enjoyment, or can be real lifesavers when it comes to storing things that otherwise may have cluttered up your home.

What are some potential drawbacks? 


Especially in areas that are busy or tourist heavy, your privacy could be somewhat compromised. If your front room is next to a path or your garden space provides a cheeky shortcut to the street you could end up feeling exposed. For some however, this is nothing an investment in window shades and large plants can’t fix! 


For all the extra accessibility living on the ground floor provides you, that also goes for any unwanted guests... Any apartment can be vulnerable to burglaries but living on the ground floor means thieves might be presented with more opportunity to pinch something. Just ask Maxine at Ezylet, who was horrified to wake up on several mornings to find her smalls and towels missing from the washing line! 


Living at traffic level brings dust into your apartment and can be noisy, whether it be cars, motorbikes or people. Wildlife and creepy crawlies also come with the territory, as well as the possibility for nightly disturbances from people entering and leaving the apartment. 

Maintenance Issues 

Is the building maintenance up to scratch in the ground floor apartment you’re considering? Has the landlord taken precautionary measures against flooding, blocked toilets and leaky pipes? The ground floor is undoubtedly more susceptible to such issues and therefore it’s a good idea to be mindful of this. 

So, taking into account all of your personal preferences and circumstances, is a first floor apartment for you? Our favourite thing about them is how easy they are to move in and out of! Find your next home with Ezylet.

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