Ways to Accommodate Elderly Tenants In Rental Properties

In a world where the focus always seems to be on technology and the younger generation that are using it, it can be easy to forget about the older generation and their needs. It’s easy to focus on rental properties for those moving into their first home or growing families, but those who are ready to enjoy their retirement also need to be remembered.

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Assistance for Tenants during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current global outbreak of Coronavirus is a serious danger to health – and even life – but it’s also hit many people’s finances incredibly hard. Huge numbers of businesses have been forced to shut their doors in efforts to contain the spread of the virus, and while this is hopefully just a temporary measure, it does mean a lot of employers can’t afford to pay wages at the moment (sometimes including their own). 

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Government Plans to Introduce Lifetime Deposits

One of the biggest problems for any tenant when moving house is saving up a deposit for the landlord. And this is why the government is now planning to introduce lifetime deposits.

But what are these exactly? Here we look at the details to find out what they will involve and how they could potentially help tenants.

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Cron Job Starts