A tenants’ guide to CCJs

Having a poor credit history can have a serious impact – especially for people wanting to rent a property – and top of the list of things you don’t want on your credit history is a CCJ. But what are they, and what can you do about it if you’ve got one?

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How and why tenants should protect their credit rating

When it comes to renting a home, as a tenant there’s quite a lot to think about. Of course, you need to consider the property itself, where its located, its size and state of repair. However, in order to ensure you’re in the best position to secure the right rental home when it comes along, another key detail to be on top of is your credit rating.

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How debt collectors operate and their powers regarding tenants

As a tenant, you enter into a contract in which you agree to pay a certain amount per week or per month, to live in a property owned by your landlord. Sometimes, things can go wrong and you may not be able to pay your rent. In cases where this happens and you and your landlord fail to reach an agreement, debt collectors may be sent to recover the unpaid rent.

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