Do You Know the Real Cost of Moving Home?

No one moves home thinking that it is going to be cheap. However, it turns out that many people are moving without being aware of all the costs involved in the process.

There are actually a lot of hidden extra costs that people are not budgeting for, making the moving process even more stressful than it already is.

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How Can You Start The Conversation About Your Finances?

We all know that there are times when it’s a good idea to keep quiet about our finances - for example, bragging about that huge bonus in front of colleagues or doing a ‘loadsamoney’ in the company of strangers.  There are, however, times when the money conversation is necessary in order to avoid bigger problems down the line.  Whether it’s a fiancee, flatmate or family member, tensions can soon escalate over this extremely emotive subject.

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How to save money on your bills in the summer

You might be tempted to think that it is easy to save money on bills in the summer, especially during the heatwave we are enjoying this time. Too hot for heating. Too hot to cook so lots of salad etc.

But the reality is that we still use utilities, and sometimes more than in winter.

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How to save money when moving home

Whether you’re a property owner or renter, moving home can be an expensive process if you aren’t well prepared. Following a moving checklist will keep you on track overall, but what can you do specifically to keep the costs of moving down?

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