How to save money on your bills in the summer

You might be tempted to think that it is easy to save money on bills in the summer, especially during the heatwave we are enjoying this time. Too hot for heating. Too hot to cook so lots of salad etc.

But the reality is that we still use utilities, and sometimes more than in winter.

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How to save money when moving home

Whether you’re a property owner or renter, moving home can be an expensive process if you aren’t well prepared. Following a moving checklist will keep you on track overall, but what can you do specifically to keep the costs of moving down?

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8 cost-free ways to cut your energy bills

With budgets getting tighter and the average cost of living increasing, finding ways to make savings on everyday bills is a vital step in managing your finances effectively. There are several ways to reduce your energy usage and help cut costs from your monthly bills without having to spend a fortune.

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How to Cut Down Your Water Bills in Your Rental

Water is an important utility; every being on the planet needs it to survive.However, many are the times that this useful resource goes to waste. Institutions, companies, and individuals are required to settle huge water bills month after month.As a tenant, it is in your interest to cut down on recurrent monthly expenditures. In this blog post, we highlight some of the most effective ways on how tenants can cut down the water bills.

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Seven luxury additions for any home

Adding a touch of luxury to your home can be a costly and difficult affair. However, this article will highlight seven tips that could help you transform your home from utilitarian charm to boutique luxury – without having to splash out too much of your hard-earned savings!

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