Seven luxury additions for any home

Adding a touch of luxury to your home can be a costly and difficult affair. However, this article will highlight seven tips that could help you transform your home from utilitarian charm to boutique luxury – without having to splash out too much of your hard-earned savings!

Start with the basics…

The first thing you could do to help add a touch of luxury to your property is to give each room a fresh coat of paint. It sounds so simple, yet it will provide a base canvas for your luxurious living space transformation.

Have a ‘Focal’ Point

You don’t need to add new buildings, extensions or expensive purchases to help give your home a feeling of luxury. You can re-cast your home by using simple additions. Focal points within your home can be the largest area within your given space, whether it be the fireplace or the bay windows in the living room. Identifying these points can help you understand the space you want to improve. 

Using the Power of Light

Changing your light fittings can also add a more luxurious feel to your home. This is accomplished by highlighting a specific area by utilising the power of light – a key design approach. Light can help illuminate textiles, mirrors and other items which in turn provides an illusory sense of space.

The Importance of Flowers

Flowers are also the perfect way to help spruce up your home, whether they’re artificial or not. Placing them on or near the bedside table, the island bar in the kitchen, or the snug space in the hallway can infuse colour and elegance into your home.


This could be simply reupholstering cushions or dining table seat covers with a more luxurious fabric or textile. By repurposing your current household items and applying a luxury veneer, you can use the power of decorative customisation to help transform your private spaces with boutique elegance.

Mirrors and Picture Frames

Mirrors can help “open-up” a space by using the reflective power of light and mirrors to create the illusion of extra space. This can help provide extra light and, if done correctly, can promote elegance throughout the space. Picture frames can also help promote luxurious spaces – but it depends on the metal used. Avoid garish fake gold frames and stick with silver/platinum or wood frames as they help to provide neutral focal points within the space.

Balance minimalism with practicality

Luxury designers have the ability of making spaces simplistic yet useful. This comes from understanding the balance between minimalism with the practicalities of everyday life. How you lay out your furnishings and accessories will impact how you use them day in and day out. You need to think about storage – which isn’t necessarily elegant but plays a vital part in creating luxury spaces. Work with your space to develop innovative storage solutions that strike the right balance between practicality and minimalism.

By following these tips, you can undertake your own luxurious home decoration project. You can now better understand the power of focal points, how light can help illuminate a space, how flowers can help enhance elegance, why customisation is important, how framing mirrors and picture frames can add luxury and finally the importance of balancing pragmatism with minimalism when designing luxury spaces.

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