How to – Find the best deals for your Utilities 

Utilities, otherwise known as electricity, gas, water and sewerage. Something we all need and pay for monthly, and that’s before even mentioning the utilities of this millenium phones, internet and TV subscriptions! However, most also seem to think that as these goods and services are considered necessities this therefore means there is no way of getting away from paying through the nose for them. You couldn’t be more wrong and I’m going to explain why.

 Do Your Homework 

When was the last time you looked at your current bills and took note of how much you are currently spending and using each month? The first place to start when it comes to saving money is to realise the mistakes you’re making in the first place.

Also, do some research of the area you live in and the general price of utilities, as it has been shown before that the same company may charge different amounts depending on your area. So, the best price for your friend living in Newcastle may not be the same for you living in Leeds!

You must also consider that the Utility industry is severely monopolised. It is very unlikely you will get away from the Big 6. These are, the United Kingdom's largest energy suppliers consisting of; British Gas, EDF Energy, E. ON, Npower, Scottish Power, and SSE. 

You need to remember that although there is limited choice, the choice is still there! All these companies charge different prices for the same thing, as they try to undercut each other to be the most popular.

With regards to phone, internet and TV look for package deals! Most companies now offer these services as a ‘bundle’ listed on comparison sites.

Make The Effort

Now you have all the information, call your current providers and tell them about the new price you have found or deal you have seen they are offering new customers but not existing ones. Most companies have better deals they can offer existing customers if they think it will stop you cancelling. If not just cancel and go to the other cheaper company you have found.

The bigger more expensive companies are counting on the fact that you won’t bother to do the research and make the effort to act on it. Therefore, the most expensive of the Big 6 stay popular! 

If You Can’t Change

Some utilities, e.g. water, sewerage, TV licence, are things you won’t be able to change providers for as they are usually a completely monopolised market to one company for your area/country. Unless you pay for a specific tariff which is priced too high for your usage it can be difficult to shop around.

However, you can still try and save money by being more mindful of the amount you are using. Remember to switch off lights, and ask yourself do you really need all those TV channels? Which links to my final point, keeping your eye on the ball. Don’t let all this effort you’ve made go to waste, stay on top of your utility bills and don’t be afraid to switch around often, the savings will soon add up!

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