Moving Back in with Parents: Pro’s & Cons

Living with parents can leave most people with mixed emotions. After the financial devastation Covid-19 has left behind in recent months some people have had no choice but to move back in with their parents and start again. With this decision comes a few pros and cons that we will discuss in this blog.


Save Money

Many people chose to stay living with their parents before Covid-19 happened. This is because it is the perfect way to save whilst you are young and trying to scrape together a deposit to get on the property ladder. Most parents usually prefer their children to this instead of sinking money into rent.

Less Stress 

There is no place like home. This usually comes with the home comforts, of having your favourite meals cooked for you, being able to share the cleaning, and not being responsible for any of the bills you would be if you were otherwise renting. Home for most can be the least stressful place to be whilst planning for your future.

Spend Time with Family

After Covid-19 everyone is holding their loved ones that little bit tighter. Moving home has actually become a blessing to some as it means they get to see their parents and siblings on a daily basis and usually also be closer to their other friends and family. There’s no substitute to being at home spending time with your family.


Comfort Trap

The problem with moving back in with your parents is that it can lead you to fall into the trap of never wanting to leave. Having things so easy at home can make it very tempting to not rock the boat and just stay instead. You will need to find the motivation to push yourself out of your comfort zone and onto the property ladder. You’ll thank yourself for it afterwards.

Parents Rules

Ever heard the phrase ‘my house, my rules’, well sadly this may be something you’re all too familiar with if you are still living with your parents. This usually means you’ll have chores you’ll need to do, have a curfew and be expected to act in a particular way whilst you are under their roof. It’s not the same for everyone but for those it is definitely a factor to consider if you feel as though you’re regressing back to childhood habits.

Reduced Social Life

This ties in with the previous point. If you are needing to follow certain rules the chances are that your social life, and maybe even love life, will be affected. There’s nothing worse than not being able to invite people round, or having to be home by a certain time. There is also a social stigma surrounded by those who still live with their parents, especially within the dating scene. By moving out you have the freedom to do what you want, with who you want, whenever you want. There’s no better way to be a social butterfly.

In conclusion, living with parents comes with a few pros and cons. It’s always lovely to see and spend time with family, but there is also nothing better than having your own space and privacy. Living with parents can also leave you feeling as though you are being treated as a child again with all the rules that can come with it, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that there are also the perks of being looked after. Overall, there is definitely no place like home, but there is also no shame in admitting it’s a stop gap whilst you’re saving to get on the property ladder and start your own life.

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