Save Money with These 10 Winter Heating Hacks

With the winter months upon us and whispers of a white Christmas abound, keeping your home warm but without breaking the bank is at the forefront of many of our minds. Luckily, there are a few ways to help you do just that and keep your home toasty and cozy during the coldest months of the year.

Here are our 10 hacks to keep your home warm while keeping a lid on the cost.

Give your radiators space to heat

Radiators are the source of heat in most homes and to ensure you’re getting the best of the heat they pump out it’s a good idea to keep the area around them clear of any large furniture such as sofas. It’s not always easy to do that and have your room the way you like it. But even by moving a sofa, bed or other bulky item away from the radiator by a few inches can make all the difference and help keep that room – and you – lovely and warm.

Use a heating schedule program

This is a feature that’s available on most central heating systems and by setting your heating to switch on and off at certain times you can optimize the benefit of your heating while keeping on top of costs. Consider what time you wake up and go to bed and when you’re typically in and out of the house. Then, by setting your heating to go on and off at certain times based on those details, you should find you’re only heating your home when you need to. This will make sure you have a cozy home while keeping on top of your bills.

Insulation – roof and cavity

As much as 35% of heat loss is through walls, while up to 25% leaves your home through the roof. This means that even though the initial cost of roof and cavity wall insulation isn’t necessarily low, the benefits from having it will help reduce your heating bills for years into the future. This means that over the long term it tends to be a good financial decision. 

Double glazing

Again, this isn’t the cheapest option, however, the benefits from having up-to-date double glazing are proven. Some 40% of heat escapes through windows which means that by having well-insulated double glazing you’ll reduce that leakage and keep more of the heat from your radiators indoors. That will help ensure you’re feeling the heat and not paying to heat outside of your windows, rather than inside!

Draft excluders

This might seem a little old fashioned but draft excluders actually do two jobs – they keep the drafts out but also, heat in! Similar to more permanent insulation options, a draft excluder stops heating leaking from outside your home, or even a particular room you want to keep toasty warm. They also have the added benefit of being decorative.

Thermostatic radiators

The ability to control the heat your radiator gives off isn’t limited to the main room thermostat, many radiators are now fitted with thermostatic valves. This allows you to turn the heat coming from the radiator up or down at an even more local level. This means if you like having a warm living room to relax in of an evening, but a cooler bedroom to sleep in, you can make that happen. 

Zonal heating

Similar to the thermostatic radiators, zonal heating means you can heat certain parts of your home while having the heating turned off, higher or lower in others parts. This will ensure you’re warm when you want to be and cooler when you don’t – without paying to heat your whole home.

Put a rug over floorboards

Floorboards can look amazing and add a real extra touch of character to a room. However, because those floorboards have some gaps between the wood, this can result in heat escaping the room, requiring a higher heating temperature to keep your home warm. By adding a rug to your floorboards, this will limit the amount of heat that escapes through those cracks and keep you nice and cozy. It can also be a temporary seasonal accessory for the winter months that you can easily remove once the spring and summer arrive.

Leave the oven door open after cooking

Cooking hot meals is something we do even more over the colder winter months. However, as well as warming you up by cooking your delicious dinner, if you leave the oven door open after cooking, that will add additional heat to the room and keep everyone toasty even after they’ve finished their meal. All at no extra cost.

Doing one or more of these heating hacks will keep you warm and toasty this winter, without raising the cost of your heating bill. In fact, in some cases, they could result in you spending less money on your monthly charge.