How the Ezylet Rent Guarantor Works

Finding a property to rent can be frustrating, time-consuming - and expensive.  As regulations for landlords in the UK become tighter, tenants find themselves under pressure to fulfil increasing financial demands.

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Why an Ezylet Revolut card can help you

If you’re looking to make your digital banking experience a little easier, both landlords and tenants can enjoy the benefits of our partnership with Revolut, the leading pre-loaded contactless payment card. This alternative to your traditional bank account allows both personal and business users a host of facilities such as fee-free transfers, low-cost foreign exchange and expenses tracking at the touch of a button. What’s more, it’s super simple to sign up and get a free card today, so take a look at how you could benefit from tons of features.

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A Guide To Rent Guarantee

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that your landlord is running a business. They’re letting out their property to make money, and like any business they want a reliable source of income. A big part of this is guarantors and rent guarantee, which can prove a significant hurdle for tenants. In this article we’ll talk about how rent guarantee works, and how Ezylet’s innovative Rent Guarantor Service can help you to avoid guarantee problems.

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Why you should help your tenant find a rent guarantor

One of the biggest issues for you as a landlord is likely to be whether your tenants pay the rent on time, or indeed, if they pay at all. There are ways to solve this problem, a common one being to demand 6-12 months’ rent in advance.

This isolates those who cannot afford to pay such a large lump sum, however, and subsequently limits your market. So what else can you do to ensure you receive your rent on time, and help your business thrive?

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Introducing the Ezylet Revolut card

At Ezylet, we strive to make the rental process simpler for tenants, offering a one-stop solution, from helping you find your perfect rental property to supporting you through our Rent Guarantor Service.

This is why we have recently partnered with Revolut, a company that offer the ultimate digital banking alternative. Tenants, managing your finances just got a little bit easier!

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