How Ezylet can make Buy-to-let a Breeze

If you’re a new landlord, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work and detail involved in managing your buy-to-let investment.  Even experienced landlords often wish they had more free time, and may have had negative experiences of letting agents who made business more complicated in the past.

Here at Ezylet, we want to streamline property management services so that being a landlord is as easy and accessible as possible.  If you’re involved in buy-to-let (or would like to be) take a look at the services we offer:

Advertising your Rental Property

With a variety of very competitively priced advertising packages, our online database is a great way to reach out to new tenants. Even our basic offer allows you to upload multiple images and rental documents to help you reach your target audience.

Referencing Services

Traditional brick and mortar agents have been criticised for the high fees they charge for checking references and credit information, but our online service allows us to keep prices low – a saving you can pass on to tenants.  But we don’t take any short cuts – click the link above to see the range of reference checks available through Ezylet.

Guarantor Scheme

If you’ve found the perfect tenants but need them to find a guarantor, you might be interested in the scheme we offer with our partners, Housing Hand.  This can be particularly useful for students and other international tenants.

Property Management Services

This is the service we are most proud of – internet-based property management packages mean we can offer face-to-face services at highly competitive rates.  We can do everything a traditional letting agent would do, but communication and control are easier for you than ever because our services are in your hands.

Ezylet can help with rent collection, greeting new tenants and carrying out inspections, whether or not you use any of our other services.  We can help you manage a single property, or take the weight of managing an entire portfolio off your shoulders.  Whatever your budget and tenancy type, there should be a package to suit you.  With prices starting at under £400 for a full year’s rent collection service, you might find that using Ezylet could be the biggest buy-to-let saving you make this year.

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Mortgage Advice and Brokerage

Because we’re rental specialists, we’ve teamed up with the highly accredited Mortgage Advice Bureau in order to offer some great deals and specialist advice on getting the right mortgage deal for you.  We can help you find a mortgage for your own home or a rental property by using our mortgage comparison service, yield calculator, and plenty of other resources too.

Currency Exchange Services

Many of our clients also require Bureau de Change services, so we’ve also teamed up with currency exchange partners Moneycorp in order to become a one-stop shop for all your business needs.  If you travel or need to exchange currency for your business, take a look at the competitive rates we’re able to offer through this platform. 

Why choose Ezylet?

With more information available on buy-to-let available than ever before, deciding how to manage your property or portfolio is a big decision.  But what makes Ezylet special isn’t just the quality and value of our individual services – our clients choose us because we offer everything you could possibly need through one simple platform.  Check out this page which lists all the services discussed here, and more.