A Guide To Rent Guarantee

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that your landlord is running a business. They’re letting out their property to make money, and like any business they want a reliable source of income. A big part of this is guarantors and rent guarantee, which can prove a significant hurdle for tenants. In this article we’ll talk about how rent guarantee works, and how Ezylet’s innovative Rent Guarantor Service can help you to avoid guarantee problems.

What is a rent guarantee?

Your landlord needs to know that you’ll be able to pay rent each month. This is why they often run credit checks and confirm your employment, so that they know you’re not in danger of falling behind on rent payments. However, if there’s any doubt about your ability to pay, they won’t want to turn you down altogether. Instead, they’ll ask you to find a “guarantor”, someone who will be liable for your rent if you can’t pay it.

Who needs rent guarantees?

Rent guarantees are often needed by students, because they don’t usually have jobs. You might also need a guarantor if your income isn’t high enough to comfortably pay the rent each month, or if you’re self-employed. In many cases parents act as rent guarantors, since they’re usually in a more financially stable position. However, this is not always possible, and this is where Ezylet’s Rent Guarantor Service comes in.

The Ezylet Rent Guarantor Service

Up until recently if you didn’t have a guarantor, you would be turned away from the property. This is bad for both parties; the landlord misses out on a potential tenant, and the tenant loses time and their holding deposit. Clearly a solution was needed, so the team at Ezylet came up one.

Our Rent Guarantor Service replaces the traditional role of guarantors and allows you to use us as your rent guarantor. This means that instead of missing out on the perfect new home, you can quickly and easily secure a guarantor that will never let you down. All you have to do is contact us for a quote and we’ll work out what it’ll cost; this service typically costs somewhere around 3-4 weeks of the rent.

This service is open to students and professionals from both the UK and abroad. We offer the same high level of service to all our customers, and want to make the process as easy as possible. If you’re interested in finding out more, simply fill in one of our simple Rent Guarantor Service online forms.

Securing Your New Home

Guarantors are an essential part of the private lettings business, since they provide landlords with a way to secure a reliable income. Without a rental guarantee, landlords can easily lose out on many thousands of pounds in unpaid rent. We know how important the guarantee process is, and we’re proud that our new Rent Guarantor Service means you won’t have to face losing the property you really want just because you can’t find a guarantor.