Renting now cheaper than buying in the UK

New research has revealed that on a monthly basis it's now cheaper to rent a home in the UK than it is to buy one. This represents a significant shift from early 2020, and is the first time in five years that it's been the case.

A June 2021 report from international estate agents, Hamptons, attributes this shift directly to the knock-on effects of the pandemic.

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Eviction bans extended during the latest lockdown

The eviction bans in England, Scotland and Wales have been extended in an effort to protect vulnerable tenants during ‘lockdown three’. Suspensions on eviction enforcement in all three nations were due to expire, but the ban in England will now run until 21 February and those in Scotland and Wales will end on 31 March.

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How has COVID-19 affected Landlords so far?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected landlords in various ways and to different degrees. Luckier landlords may have seen minimal effects, but others have had to deal with loss of income, delayed repossessions and logistical challenges related to social distancing and self-isolation. And possibly cockapoos.

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Housing Support Improvements for Vulnerable People

For national and local government, vulnerable people present a tricky dilemma in terms of housing. They often rely on the state to give them a place to live, but many have very complex needs which are not well served by normal rented accommodation. They might struggle with personal care, ongoing health problems, or other day-to-day tasks and admin.

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What does the Job Support Scheme Mean for the Property Sector?

The chancellor, Rishi Sunak, recently set out the particulars of the government’s new ‘Job Support Scheme’. This is the successor to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, where people who were unable to work because of the COVID-19 crisis could be furloughed with government grants covering 80% of their wages.

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