Eviction bans extended during the latest lockdown

The eviction bans in England, Scotland and Wales have been extended in an effort to protect vulnerable tenants during ‘lockdown three’. Suspensions on eviction enforcement in all three nations were due to expire, but the ban in England will now run until 21 February and those in Scotland and Wales will end on 31 March.

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The rise of scams during the stamp duty holiday

The stamp duty holiday has provided a great boost for the property industry, contributing to a ‘mini-boom’ in property sales that may also have had positive effects on the wider economy. But the rush to get purchases completed while they’re significantly cheaper has also led to a surge in property-related scams. 

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Save Money with These 10 Winter Heating Hacks

With the winter months upon us and whispers of a white Christmas abound, keeping your home warm but without breaking the bank is at the forefront of many of our minds. Luckily, there are a few ways to help you do just that and keep your home toasty and cozy during the coldest months of the year.

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What does the new three-tier system mean for the property market?

England has now moved from full national lockdown (albeit a much lighter version than the one we experienced earlier in the year) back to a three-tiered system where coronavirus restrictions are based on the infection rate in a particular area.

However, the tiered system didn’t work very well at containing the virus last time round, so the restrictions have been toughened up a bit. 

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What makes a property worth more after COVID-19?

The property sector has responded in unexpected ways to the coronavirus pandemic. The summer months saw a ‘mini-boom’ in property sales, attributed to a combination of the temporary stamp duty holiday and a pent-up desire to move after the first lockdown. But what’s especially interesting is that as our lives have shifted on the unpredictable tides of 2020, so have people’s property preferences. Factors that were once extremely important have now become less so, while other aspects of properties have increased in value.

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What does a second lockdown mean for the property sector?

As England’s second lockdown gets underway, those in the property sector will be wondering how the new restrictions might affect their business. It’s still too early to gauge the impact on things like sales and lettings, but while the impact will probably be slight for most, there are some developments that may be worth considering.

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