Add an Eco Touch to Your Rented Home

Love your rented property but wish it was a bit more ‘green’? We don’t mean in terms of colour, but rather eco-wise. Granted because the property belongs to someone else you won’t be looking to install expensive measures such as a wood burner or upgrade the heating system.

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Choosing your first buy-to-let property – five things you need to know

Buy-to-let property investment has always been a popular choice for those who would rather have tangible-real world assets that they can control and preserve themselves than shares in an unpredictable stock market. However, no investment is fool-proof, and you need to work to build and protect your buy-to-let nest egg. The following tips may help you do just that.

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Five things you should know before renting out your flat

Maybe you’re moving in with your other half, or maybe you can afford to get a new place without selling the old one. Whatever the reason, letting out your flat can be a great way to boost your income, but there are a few things worth knowing before you take the plunge and become a Landlord.

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